Any One Will Do Tonight.

What a most delightful evening on the TV last night, seeing the Glory Glory ones from down the Lane (tha’s the same team you will remember that most of the pundits forecast will take our place in the CL next season) get a right good thumping from Everton. I have never seen so many miserable Totters mates in my life before. You have to say in Spuds defence, however, that after Kaboul limped off in the first half, they had their three first choice central defenders missing. Can’t see why they still insist on playing Gardener he looks a cross between Cygan and Gus Ceasar. Makes you think what we would do in the same situation without Kolo, Gallas and Swiss Tony. Actually it’s something I don’t really want to think about. Is it my imagination or there a lot more injuries these days? According to Norman Whiteside, that cynically dirty Mancs midfielder of many a year ago – turned modern day podiatrist – it may be down to the players boots. Whatever the reason, it’s more than a bit worrying with the relative small first team squad we have. After just one game we have four players out already with injuries – Adebayor, Eduardu, Diaby and Denilson. Fortunately we have cover up front and in midfield but not in the back four.

I still don’t understand the Djourou loan deal at all. Anyway I am looking on the bright side (for now) and getting ready to go out for a few pre-match lemonades. I think we should win the match, and as long as we score at least one goal we should be OK to go through. So come on Alex keep up the good work and lets have another!

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