White Hart Lane – Tin Hats On!

Chelsea’s narrow 1-0 win at home to Bolton Wanderers last night put a little dampener on things. From all reports the Trotters had a tacked on penalty denied. Chelsea next face Spurs at the Lane this coming weekend, hopefully after we’ve wiped the floor with them tonight. They then have Stoke City at home, Liverpool away and finish with Wigan Athletic at home.
We can’t worry about them though. Only ourselves. We need to win each game as it comes around. It seems like was still watching black and white telly in another century the last time Spurs managed to beat us in the League. In fact it was (well, another century that is).Over ten years ago in November 1999 at the Lane. We’re unbeaten by the forces of navy and white darkness in twenty League games. I’m still suffering flashbacks from their last win over as at the Lane in January 2008 in the Carling Cup semi-final second leg. That night was HORRIBLE! The 4-4 League draw at the Grove still gives me the shudders. It’s not just the League title we’re worried about tonight. It’s the collective sanity of the entire Gooner Nation.
And just to cheer up the navy and white faithful let’s give them a nice song. PLAY UP POMPEY! POMPEY PLAY UP! I know we’ll get a Catalan serenade back. At least we got stuffed by the world’s best team. Portsmouth struggles to pay the electricity bill and the milkman, never mind its players.
Boys, nothing else matters tonight. Nothing. The Gooner Nation expects every man to do his duty. Game on!
Keep the faith!

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