A Message to Arsenalinsider Readers for March 2012

Hello Arsenalinsider Readers,

I would like to inform you that big changes are coming here. Overall the goal of the changes is to provide you with a quality experience and to raise the bar on Arsenal related content. We hope to provide you with a package that will keep you informed, thinking and encourage conversation not flame wars.

Negativity & Nastiness
We will be making efforts in the coming weeks to reduce the level of nastiness that occurs within these walls. Debate and critique are acceptable but it serves little value to readers hurling insults and harsh language or simply stating arguments without backing them up. This goes for writers and commenters. One would surmise that those instigating the aforementioned behavior do not do so in their offworld lives. We will begin to make changes to encourage the same level of behaviour here. For those of you who are that do behave in those ways offline, well it may be best you find another site.

Closed Comments
We have been experiencing a bug of sorts that is interfering with the opening of the comments in some sections. As some of you have noted, this is extremely frustrating. We are working to identify the issue and resolve it.

Rockie The King & Vic Crescit
Two of our more popular writers have been on hiatus for some months. Unfortunately they are not able to contribute at this time, but rest assured we will make every effort to have them back. Hopefully in coming months.

Stay tuned for details and as always, happy to hear your feedback.

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