History of Arsenal – The Best Arsenal Players of All Time

Football Pitch

When you try to figure out which of the London football clubs is the best, Arsenal is arguably at the top of the list, especially if you take a look at the number of titles and honours won, fans who attend matches, and followers on Twitter. Chelsea may be a close contender, but many pundits would proclaim Arsenal as the winner, without a doubt.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone; Arsenal has been around since 1886, and has more than 130 years of history and experience. Arsenal is as synonymous with English football as learning how to play craps is for casino goers in Las Vegas.

Throughout its history, Arsenal has been home to some of the best players in the world, all helping the club to glory. Here’s a look at Arsenal’s best players of all time.

David Seaman

He wasn’t immediately accepted – in fact, a lot of die-hard Gunners fans protested because they loved the old goalie, John Lukic. The new goalie with the moustache, David Seaman, proved to everyone that their fears were unfounded, and made many spectacular and sometimes miraculous saves during his time at the club.

Tony Adams

He used to be a blue-collar lieutenant who had his way with the bottle, but his will to win brought him back – he won over his alcoholism, the embarrassment of being booed during a game (making his parents leave the stadium) and a whole string of injuries. In fact, he had a 19-year career in leadership roles on the field.

Liam Brady

This clever Irishman was a great game-maker. The way he used to circumnavigate opponents is still studied, and though he was stronger with his left foot, he could manage very well with either. His greatest shot was in 1978; a beautifully curled ball from outside the box, in a game which ended with Arsenal trashing their opposition 5-0.

Patrick Vieira

Who can forget this French midfielder with his die-hard attitude when it came to direct face-offs? Tackles, shielding, instigating attacks – he did it all.

Alan Smith

This goal scorer delivered every single time it truly mattered; he was the target man, and the competition knew it.

But these players aren’t the only ones who have made their mark at London’s favourite team. Who can forget Thierry Henry, whom Arsenal fans honoured by chanting ‘we’ve got the best player in the world’, or Dennis Bergkamp, who ensured one superb goal after another. What about Alec James? He was Arsenal’s icon in the late 1920s. Or Cliff Baston, a record goal scorer with 178 goals to his name until the record was broken by Ian Wright.

Arsenal has always had some of the best players, and it’s one of the many reasons the club remains as popular as ever.