Wenger warns against complacency

The Norwich game this Saturday has left fans feeling confident for an outcome in their favour. In the past Norwich may have been seen as a worthy adversary to Arsenal, but since their domination of the table from October, the team is quietly convinced they’ll secure their place at the top of the table. However, Arsène Wenger warns that complacency should be avoided if they are to maintain their strong position.

There are rumours that Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey may not even play due to various injuries, both of whom are undergoing tests in the latter end of this week to determine their playing ability – the Gunners are being particularly careful about their player choice so as not to slip.

Due to the strong position Arsenal has managed to secure at the start of the season, Emirites stadium has reportedly taken measures to increase the strength and stability of their wifi to accommodate for outspoken players online. It’s becoming increasingly popular for Arsenal fans in particular to turn to the likes of Twitter and Facebook to voice the developments of the game live.

Gambling at half time is also on the rise, with many enjoying a quick spin on apps or sites like Fortune Frenzy mobile casino. Fans reportedly love to keep the buzz of the match alive in down moments of the game.

There are rumours that Theo Walcott has even complained about fans focussing on their phones rather than the match. Players are looking for encouragement from their supporters and are met with a stadium full of fans glued to their smart devices.

But as long as Arsenal keep on delivering good results, they’ll have no need to worry that their fans are looking down at their phones instead of the game!