Arsenal are yet to release their away and third kits, but Aaron Ramsdale has now given us an insight into what the goalkeeper ones look like.

Adidas have done an absolutely unbelievable job with Arsenal’s kits over the last few years. What they produced for the 2022/23 campaign – all three of them – was absolutely beautiful, and it was always going to be difficult to top that.

Arsenal‘s home kit for next season has been released and the players donned that when we smashed five past Wolves on the final day. Now, Ramsdale has shared a ‘little secret’ about the upcoming releases.

Aaron Ramsdale Arsenal goalkeeper kit
Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

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Aaron Ramsdale shares a ‘little secret’ about Arsenal’s unreleased kits

Usually, the focus of new kits is always on the outfielders, but Arsenal’s home goalkeeper kit this time is brilliant.

Aaron Ramsdale donned the stunning black kit in our game against Wolves on Sunday, and it looked really, really good. Some would even say that’s better than the red and white home kit.

The away and third kits haven’t been announced yet, but Ramsdale has already seen them. It seems like he really likes them as well.

On Seaman Says this week, David Seaman said: “I’m loving the new goalie kit, that’s ace!”

Ramsdale replied: “The new goalie black one is possibly the nicest one I’ve had. Nice and clean and fresh, it’s a nice change. I don’t know if it’s been announced yet, it could be a little secret, but we’ve got a blue and greeny one coming out.

“It’s nice to have the home one have a different colour than just like the orange or yellow we’ve had over the years.”

Arsenal fans react to new goalkeeper kit

For the first time under Adidas, Arsenal fans are divided about the kit designs. Some absolutely love what they’ve seen, while others are not big fans at all.

However, everyone seems to agree that the black home goalkeeper kit is magnificent.

Here’s how a few of them reacted on Twitter…

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