William Gallas has the honour of becoming the captain of Arsenal FC.
It’s no surprise that within minutes of the announcement, the blogs have been buzzing overtime.
What on earth is the reason behind this curious decision by Arsene?
Even if Gallas had just completed a brilliant first season on the pitch. Even if he had not made several unpleasant comments including criticism of the clubs physio’s, the young players and Arsene’s buying policy. And even he could speak bloody English – he would still be an unpopular choice amongst the fans.
An amazing decision indeed.
Also it’s a really nasty sock in the eye for both Gilberto and Kolo.
I must admit that I thought it a bit odd that all of a sudden Gallas surprisingly started saying good things about the club and the team for the first time since he has been here. Now maybe it’s beginning to make sense – perhaps Arsene had already made the decision a month back.
Please don’t let the reason be simply to appease the bloke – much in the same way he gave the captaincy to Henry when Thiery was starting to look unsettled following the departure of Vieira.
Or is it that he intends to sell Gilberto to Juventus as has been rumoured? Even so, Kolo must surely be promoted ahead of whingeing Willy – possibly even Jens or Cesc.
I must say the timing of the announcement is shitty, coming so near to the start of the season, and I only hope the players don’t feel the same as I do about it. Hard to imagine there’s no iffy feeling around the camp though, ‘cos that’s exactly what we don’t need right now – just as the confidence and expectations for a better season were looking good.
Oh well, after the first few games are successful and we are sitting on top of the table, I don’t suppose anyone will mind.
I am still shaking my head at the moment though.