Could Alexis Sanchez Be Arsenal’s Messi, But In A Bad Way

Alexis Sanchez

I’ll try not chat about all the failings of the Arsenal season, I think there’s enough of that going on at the moment. Let’s try and focus on other subjects, hey, like Arsenal’s beautiful little man, Alexis Sanchez.

Firstly, may I start by saying I don’t think Arsenal have had as good an all round player since Thierry Henry than Alexis Sanchez. It’s breathtaking watching the Chile international in full flight, he is essential to Arsenal, be that scoring or creating goals. His goal versus Stoke also meant he finishes the season having scored 15 away league goals. Only Kevin Philips – who hit 16 with Sunderland in 1999/2000 – has more in a single Premier League campaign.

Alexis Sanchez is now a superstar at Arsenal, you only need to see this graph to see the number of goals and output he’s improved since joining from Barcelona. The figures are astounding he’s averaging nearly a goal a game which is getting up there with your Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo type figures but obviously not quite because well, they are aliens.

With the Leo Messi comparison comes another possible situation that the title of this article alluded to, Alexis Sanchez is set for contract negotiations this summer and he holds all the cards. Sanchez has shown a distinct frustration at the lack of quality in the squad and ambition in the whole of the football club. It’s well publicised the amount of power Lionel Messi has at Barcelona, at the start of the year director Pere Gratacos was fired for saying “Messi is not as good without his team-mates”. A clear sign of the importance Lionel Messi now has at Barcelona. There are many other reports of people almost scared to praise Cristiano Ronaldo in fear his rival may subject them to a similar fate of being booted out of the club.

Could Alexis Sanchez use his undoubted talents and the current situation at Arsenal as a power grab? Could he be the new guy calling the shots 2nd only to Arsene Wenger? Arsenal football club could well be in a state where the best player dictates who comes and goes or he himself will leave!