RvP… a tale of two legs, stranger than fiction?

Once a upon a time, there was a little Dutch boy born in Kralingen, the east side of Rotterdam. He lived at home surrounded by much beauty. His mother Jose Ras was a painter, and was a lovely warm woman who would always ensure that Robin had his scarf wrapped around his neck, to keep him warm on the way to school.
His two sisters, Lilly and Kiki were happy children, and they all got on so well together. His father Bob was a sculptor, and so it was that Robin van Persie decided to become an Artist.
However, his first attempts at drawing the family dog were not good.

“Het ziet er uit als een muis niet een hond!”

His father would say, (it looks like a mouse not a dog) hardly managing to disguise his desire to burst out laughing. Robin left the house in disgust and in his anger he kicked out at a tin can lying in the road. The tin can left his foot like and missile and knocked off the helmet of a Policeman standing at the street corner.


“jonge jongen, je bent in grote problemen!”

(Young boy you are in big trouble!) The Policeman marched over to him and grabbed him by the collar.


Holland World Cup qualifying training camp, RVP’s room mate’s voice…

“Robin, Robin …. Word wakker man, je bent met een nachtmerrie!”

(Robin, Robin…. Wake up man, you are having a nightmare)

ja De tabletten zijn te sterk
… Ik heb een spier schade toe, maar dit zal de laatste keer hahahahahahaha!”

(Yes, the tablets are too strong, I have a muscle injury again, but this will be the last time…hahahahahaha)

Robin, Robin….. wat is er gebeurd met je?”

(Robin, what has happened to you?)

“Ik ging naar mijn vader, hij is erg getalenteerd, hahahahaha! mijn nieuwe benen zijn zeer sterke!….mijn nieuwe benen zijn zeer sterke!”

(I went to see my father, he is very talented hahahaha! My new legs are very strong… My new legs are very strong…)

Haa haha hahahahaha!, 

Fabregas the King.

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