Whatever happened to Yaya Sanogo?

First off, just to confirm Sanogo is still very much at the club. He has even been included in the Champions League squad. But for a player who we were promised had so much potential, he has so far failed to deliver. Just for the record I am not including the Emirates Cup as his moment of glory because as much as we like to pretend, it really does not count.
I think the crazy thing is, Yaya Sanogo has actually played 11 times in an Arsenal shirt since he signed for the club in 2013. That’s about 11 times more than I thought. When the deal was announced that he had signed on a free transfer, there was a rumble of excitement. Sanogo had been scoring goals for fun at all youth levels and had pace to burn.
I immediately went to YouTube – not my normal first port of call when finding a player, but even I knew he wouldn’t have made it on to Football Manager yet. Like any footage of players put together, young Yaya looked a world beater. He was quick, he could score goals and had great composure. Ok, he was only playing against other youth teams and the clips were from an Under 17 tournament. That didn’t matter, the kid looked like he had something – not that the footage went into that much detail.
For me he looked the real deal. I agreed in my own head he would need time, like most foreign players do when they come over to play in the Premier League. But I felt confident that in time we had some player on our hands. I had also convinced myself that at 6ft 4, Sanogo would be excellent in the air. Just what is always needed at the club, a striker who can score with his head.
He was even given the Golden Boy award. This is given to a young European based footballer who has impressed the sports journalists the most and if the journalists, typically harsh in their assessments outside of the UK, rated him then Arsenal had picked up a gem of a player.
Sanogo was loaned out in the 2015 season to Crystal Palace to continue his development. He played 10 times. The following season he was sent out to Ajax, playing 3 times for them and 3 times for Ajax’s second team, Jong Ajax. So far Yays had clocked up 16 matches with no goals returned.
Last season Yaya was sent to Charlton where he played 8 times, finally scoring 3 goals. All three came in the form of a hat-trick against Reading on debut. We have no idea what he did for the remaining seven matches.
So here we are more than half way through this current season, and Sanogo is still at the club. There was no loan for him this year and you have to wonder why he was not moved on to another club.
Even though he is now 24 he is still young enough to come through. But, he is now 24 and you have to wonder whether if he was ever going to breakthrough, surely it would have already happened?
We should all have faith that the young Frenchman will eventually come good. Besides his goal scoring record on YouTube is second to none and as we all know the internet never lies, right?

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