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'Arteta saying the same': Jordan thinks people treat Arsenal boss and Mourinho very differently

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Simon Jordan has boldly claimed on TalkSport that Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta and Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho are treated very differently by the media – even though their actions are fairly similar to each other.

The Spurs boss had a meltdown after his side crashed out of the Europa League by conceding three goals after half-time against Dinamo Zagreb.

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As usual, Mourinho had a real go at his players and rightly so after what was a truly disgraceful performance. However, he was criticised for throwing his men under the bus by a few people – something that has irked Jordan.

The former Crystal Palace owner has claimed that the media unfairly treats Mourinho but doesn’t say a word about Arteta when the Arsenal boss basically says the same things as his counterpart.

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Jordan: Arteta and Mourinho are treated differently

He said: “Some of these managers are making comments. I am going to take you off on a tangent for a second against this campaign against Mourinho. I know Mourinho and his team’s performance last Thursday was a disgrace but he makes observations about players.

“He criticises the way the team play and it’s an absolute outrage. Yet, you have people like Arteta saying the same thing and it doesn’t get the same focus. He (Arteta) talks about the phases of play that are unacceptable, how two teams turned up and how it’s not good enough. It’s really no different to what Mourinho says.

“I watched MOTD where Alex Scott and Carlton Cole saying ‘here he goes again throwing them under the bus’. What do you mean? Making people accountable? Asking people to do their jobs? It’s a bugbear of mine with Mourinho. There is an unfair perspective of him sometimes.”

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The Insider’s View:

On the face of it, it is understandable why Jordan might think that Arteta and Mourinho are treated differently for similar comments. However, when you dig a bit deeper, you realise that the Tottenham boss has brought all of this on himself.

How many times have we seen Mourinho publicly humiliate one of his players over the years. He has thrown his own guys under the bus time and again and that has shattered many players’ confidence.

Arteta, on the other hand, has never lashed out at a player publicly. Even with the whole Mesut Ozil saga, the Arsenal boss claimed that it was his own mistake (TalkSport) that the German wasn’t playing – we’ve never seen Mourinho do that, have we?

Jordon certainly has a point about the media going overboard on their criticism of Mourinho, but the Arteta comparisons are just silly.

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