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'Learn something': Arsenal player weirdly criticised by pundit for 'being so honest'

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Former Chelsea player turned pundit Tony Cascarino has weirdly urged Arsenal star Gabriel Martinelli to be less honest.

Yep, you read that right.

The Brazilian could’ve initiated contact with Fulham goalkeeper Alphonse Areola inside the box – just as players like Harry Kane and Mo Salah do every week. If he had done that and gone down, he would likely have received a penalty, and that could’ve helped Arsenal win the game.

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Martinelli, a player filled with values, decided to be honest. He took the ball around the keeper and crossed it to Nicolas Pepe, but the Ivorian’s header was cleared off the line by Areola.

Cascarino has now come out and claimed that Martinelli should’ve dived to get Arsenal a penalty. The former Aston Villa and Marseille man has weirdly labelled going down easily as being ‘professional’, which really is baffling.

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Cascarino: Martinelli should learn to go down

In his column on The Times titled ‘Gabriel Martinelli must wise up and stop being so honest’, he said: “Arsenal’s Gabriel Martinelli is a 19-year-old player with bags of talent who can make a big name for himself in this game. But he needs to learn something quickly: how to go down and earn a penalty.

“If he doesn’t he is going to get criticised by his teammates, manager and fans. In today’s game, he rounded the Fulham goalkeeper Alphonse Areola and if he goes to ground at that moment, he gets a penalty. But he stays on his feet and the move ends with a Nicolas Pépé header.”

“I hate to say this but you have to do the professional thing. There was another incident where he stayed on his feet in the penalty area and I was saying to myself: ‘You have got to go down’.

“Martinelli is big, strong and likes to entice people into a challenge. That’s terrific but when those challenges are mistimed he has to earn that penalty. He has to get five soft penalties a season; that should be his target.”

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The Insider’s View:

We’ve seen a lot of questionable opinions from pundits over the years, but we’re sorry, this has to be the most baffling one out of all of them.

Martinelli, a 19-year-old who is at the start of his senior career, stayed on his feet yesterday because there wasn’t any/enough contact for him to go down and make a meal of things.

He carried on with his job with the utmost honesty, but for him to go home and read a retired professional criticise him for not being a cheat is one of the worst things that can happen to a young footballer.

Pundits like Cascarino are setting a terrible example by coming out and criticising players for being truthful. Martinelli was right to stay honest and remain on his feet. He deserves credit, not criticism, but sadly, we live in a world where honesty isn’t appreciated enough.

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