Statistical Ranking of Arsenal Players

Arsenal are one of the top teams in the Premier League and the players they acquire over the years are always subject to some intense scrutiny, by both their fans and their peers in the world of football. Here are some of the top Arsenal players of the moment and how they are shaping up.

Petr Čech, Goalkeeper

Total Appearances for Arsenal – 110

With a whopping 443 total appearances in the Premier League behind him, Czech has 202 keepers with over 100 clean sheets to his name and has made 1005 saves in his career so far.

Héctor Bellerín, Defender

Total Appearances for Arsenal – 143

Bellerín might have been struggling with injuries recently but that doesn’t stop him being a formidable defender. He averages 45.15 passes per match and has a tackle success rate of 79%.

Laurent Koscielny, Defender

Total Appearances for Arsenal – 251

The French captain of Arsenal has overseen 89 clean sheets in his time with a fantastic 11,742 passes made. He has also made 428 tackles, with a success rate of 70%.

Aaron Ramsay, Midfielder

Total Appearances for Arsenal – 26

This Welshman has had quite the career with Arsenal, having scored 40 goals for them. He also has 13,144 passes with an average of 50.17 passes per match as well as 472 tackles and a tackle rate of 73%.

Mesut Özil, Midfielder

Total Appearances for Arsenal – 163

Özil has scored 31 goals in his Premier League career and, having made 193 shots, has earned himself a shooting accuracy of 45%. He has also made 10,109 passes, giving him a pass-per-match rate of 62.02.

Lucas Torreira, Midfielder

Total Appearances for Arsenal – 30

Having only been with Arsenal for one season, Torreira has still made an impact. With 2 goals and 1417 passes to his name so far, it will be interesting to see how his career at Arsenal pans out in future years.

Alexandre Lacazette, Forward

Total Appearances for Arsenal – 63

The Frenchman is setting himself up for a brilliant career at Arsenal having already scored 27 goals for the team. With 134 shots made, that gives him a shooting accuracy of 47% to work on in the off season.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Forward

Total Appearances for Arsenal – 45

Taking 107 shots with 28 goals and a shooting accuracy of 48%, we round off our list with this Gabonese forward. With two seasons at club behind him and a goals per match rate so far of 0.62, we look forward to seeing how the rest of his career pans out.

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Whether you are a passionate life-long fan of Arsenal or you just like to keep up with the team when you can, knowing about the players can give you a leg-up in terms of knowledge. Take a look at the statistics of some of the players not listed here today to see what you can learn!

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