Now I promise you that this is an Arsenal Blog, but after the mauling by The Argentinian answer to Pele, I was relieved to be spared of Mancs bragging over the airways how they were going to win their third  Champions League Trophy. The worst aspect of their defeat is debatable, was it the ridiculous risking of England’s world cup hopes by a jealous scot? Or was it the single most public vote of no confidence in Berbatov? Imagine, you are worth £30 million but to be honest I would rather put on a scouser with an amputation than risk you… Or better still, These Germans are so poor I can beat them with half a Rooney. Such Scottish arrogance! Sweet revenge for 1999 hahahahaha! Ok back to Goonersphere matters. This is Thank Gooner Its Friday!
How proud are you of our boys? Forget the scoreline, forget the defensive errors, forget the missed chances. Arsenal will have learned a very good lesson from the ritual humiliation meted out at the hands of one Lionel Messi, and that is no matter how fancy your footwork, it’s the EFFORT that counts. Over the season I have bemoaned the fact that this Arsenal team played at a lower tempo, and took too many touches on the ball. Tuesday again confirmed the gulf between the team containing the best player in the world, and on the other side, pretenders to the throne. But I was PROUD of my team at the Camp Nou. They never gave up despite their inferiority. They tried to take the game to Barcelona and if Diaby had not had a gallic rush of “Sang” (blood) to his head, he would have passed out wide to Theo Walcott and at 2-nil down Barcelona might well have needed to pass around the nappy liners at half time. That is why I am proud of the lads, depleted of stars, they tried their best, but alas their best was not good enough.
Lets hope that Arsene Wenger does not come out and say, that he tried to buy Messi when he was younger it will not make me feel better about the difference between the two squads.  Lionel Messi  is a unique gem that usually comes around once in a generation, and thanks to the careful coaching of Pep Guardiola, he has been surrounded by sublime talent, and the results are now bearing fruit. All the rave about Rooney pales into insignificance when you consider that Messi is still only 22yrs of age, two years younger than Rooney. What Messi can achieve in the future depends on whether the football authorities can protect talented players like him. It is time that the authorities of world football clamped down upon the gamesmanship, the leg breaking tackles and allowed the technical beauty of the game of football to be released resplendent in all it’s true glory, exercised by passionate proponents of these beautiful arts. We are fortunate indeed to have players of the calibre of Messi,Rooney and Ronaldo at this year’s  World Cup, lets hope that they are allowed to play the beautiful game as it was meant to be played.
The second podcast of Arsenalinsider was launched, if any budding poets would like to donate their fine words to the Poetry corner of the Arsenalinsider podcast yet to be renamed ? InCast? PodGun? GunnerCast? InsideThe Grove? You get the picture??? Glenn Helder was there, alongside Carl Eldo71 sporting a sombrero in Barcelona.
The site was divided over the teams performance at Camp Nou, the consensus appeared to be Almunia is crap, Denilson played well, and what do you expect if Wenger doesn’t buy players?
Well you are all entitled to your opinion, and I have to agree with the Almunia sentiment up to a point. Anyone who makes Vito Mannone look good has got to be missing something. We have not invested in our defence and it shows. We lack set piece routines and it shows, we lack the experience to make that extra push to greatness and guess what? It’s all too bloody obvious. But whilst we are the Arsenal, this is all you have, and get used to it until our yoof grow up. We can’t afford world class ready mades at £30million a pop, but was it £16 million that Alonso was rumoured to be haggled over two seasons ago? We are not so far from greatness, we might still win the league this season, and when one considers that it is Liverpool NOT Arsenal that is likely to drop out of the top four, we have have at least improved on last season, so be POSITIVE!
On if White Hart Lane is the best or worst place to have the next match…
“For us over the years it has been a place where we have done well so we will not go there with a negative history. But it forces you to focus straight away because you know that it will be a derby.”
The next match is against the scum, and if the Gunners can’t get motivated to stuff our North London rivals, then they need to join another club. We are hurting after Barcelona, and someone else needs to FEEL OUR PAIN.
Harry Rednap will have had a bruising semi-final of the FA Cup, whilst we are chilling in the shade. I hope that they go to extra time, and get absolutely shattered, because I did worry about the adrenaline connected with this fixture. But after all is said and done I think that this derby business is overated. Lets stuff the spuds and move on! Job done…
Super Nic, Super Nicky Bendtner…
Hey I am fast becoming a fan of this Dane. Ok he takes three chances to score, but hell, he gets into such good striking positions. I am really looking forward to his contribution next season, as big games like Barcelona will convince him even more that he has what it takes, and as long as Nic believes in himself, that is all that matters!
It has to go to the plonker called Karl Henry of Wolverhampton Wanderers for accusing the Gunners of being moaners. Karl, do me a favour and go fcuk yourself pal…
To Lionel Messi for giving our lads a masterclass that they will aspire to… strange but true!

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