FTK’s TGIF: Squeaky Brum or should it be Barcelona time…

Welcome to  a shorter than usual TGIF, a weekly round up of the Goonersphere. Well readers of Arsenalinsider have been treated to a feast of high calibre articles this week. If you missed any of them, can I suggest that you slap yourself with a wet mackerel and PAY ATTENTION! This Goonerfest will not be repeated.What with Celebs such as the feathery Lee Dixon and the lanky Tony Adams gracing our Royal Arsenal blog with their erudite emissions! Tut tut, I have reading too much of the Henry Norris hour! So without further ado…
Well the red card of Thomas Vermaelen which leaves us short at Birmingham upset Ian Watmore former CEO of the FA so much, that the Gooner gave in his resignation and stormed out of Soho Square in disgust. It was not as most analysts commented due to disagreeing with Lord Treizeman or the Premier League Supremo Alan Crozier…lol But facing a Birmingham side fresh from a defeat midweek is a good thing, as the wind will have been taken out of their sails. The concession of silly goals after playing a half decent level of football is something that the Gunners must capitalise upon Jerome looks pretty useful and could be a handful for Campbell, so Alex Song should revert to the centre back berth as cover, instead of relying on Silvestre.
Arsene Wenger has assured us that Gallas and Silvestre will be very professional and remain focused until the end of the season, despite not having a new contract to look forward too.
The other Big Issue is the return of Robin van Persie to the training ground and the prospect of having our Dutch striker back on the pitch in time possibly for the second leg of the Champions League fixture against Barcelona, assuming that we are still in the tie.  Lets hope that Robin can really galvanise our attack, and together with Theo Walcott take us home to victory.
I am not going to criticise Titi Henry for now wanting to play against his beloved Arsenal on Wednesday night, to be fair that is more honest than missing a sitter in front of goal as he did in the 2006 Champions League final for his beloved Barcelona… Oops did I really say that???
GROW UP THIERRY… we have moved on and WE STILL LOVE YOU! so play and be the tru professional that you are!!!
I for one intend to sing your name loudly… Will everyone else?
What a treat you have all had this week. Arsenalinsider has been the place to be and the blog to have displayed upon your monitor as the Boss comes around to check what porn sites you are surfing in your lunch hour. Now isn’t the proud sight of Lee Dixon on your 17 inch likely to give your Boss reassurance that he doesn’t have to put bromide in the canteen tea urn? Mind you, word is that our correspondent JimC has several proposals of marriage following him sporting his Ben Sherman Shirt in the Emirates photo. The only down side being all of them have been rogered by Tiger Woods, so unless you fancy messing around the 38th hole of this marathon, steer clear!
Well done also to Eldo71 for getting a positive quote from Tony Adams about the Arsenal. Recent quotes have had our ex Mr Arsenal somewhat luke warm about his former club, and I am pleased now that he has set the record straight! Come on you Gunners!
Crusty? C&G or G&T,  what the blazes are those young whipper snappers playing at down at Soho Square … What ho?
Ok not quite as good as the real Henry Norris, but I urge you not to miss this rib splitting weekly contribution that now graces our blog. Pip Pip!
“I had some but we are all under pressure. During a game at one specific moment it can happen that for a fraction of a second we lose it a little bit. It can happen to anybody.
“Even if after the game, when we say ‘come on let’s behave properly’ it can still happen. It just shows that we are humans like everybody and that we care.”
This was Arsene responding to the touch line dust up between in the Blue corner  Toffee Moysie boy scouser versus in the ummm pale blue Corner, Italy’s answer to the BBC Dr Who’s scarf Roberto “bite yer legs” Mancini
Well it was Mancini’s ball after all. Naughty Naughty Moysie. But at least he didn’t head butt the Italian stallion…lol
Arsene cares of course, ask Phil Brown, who he ignored, Alex fergusscumface who he allegedly threw pizza at, and of course one Alan Curbishley.  I can’t wait until he grabs Sam Allardyce at the Blackburn and slams him on the ground WWF stylie… GO ARSENE!
Without a doubt Almunia’sgreat  save against West Ham. At least I will have something positive to remember him by after the summer….
The FA disciplinary panel for rejecting Thomas Vermaelen’s red card appeal
So keep the faith Gooners, this is going to be a BIG BARCELONA WEEK!

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