FTK’s TGIF: We will beat Chelsea won’t we?

Welcome to another edition of TGIF, the feature originally conceived by Perry Groves Lovechild and now performed by yours truly. What a week that was. If you are Gooner, then you must accept that many supporters are divided over the approach of Arsene Wenger and the prospects of Silverware this season. Whether you fall into the Arsene Knows Best camp (AKBs) or the Wenger out Brigade (WoBs) Remember that there is one thing binds you all together and that is your love for Arsenal football club who so ever is the manager before AW or after AW. Victoria Concordia crescit!
The storm that exploded over the manner of the defeat of this Arsenal team by Manchester United refuses to go away. Not even John Terry’s indiscretions managed to distract Gooners from ritual internecine blood letting. The extremes of the debate were as hot as white phosphorus and the result of the game against Chelsea will be pivotal in the next stage of this civil war.
For what it is worth I believe that we will beat Chelsea and end their 23 home game streak. We did it before and we can do it again. This is not because of the Hull result either. Gooners would be very foolish to think that Chelsea in general and Drogba in particular are not going to take this clash seriously. Why will we win? Arsene Wenger is a great manager because with every team that he has produced, he has managed to deliver results against all odds. Especially when The Arsenal have been totally written off.  Avenging the three nil defeat at the Emirates will be part of his motivation, but also the need to unite the fanbase by good results on the field is his stated solution to the current divisions.
John Terry’s private life is a sideshow, and if you want to motivate him to an even better performance against us after his sacking as England Captain, then all you have to do is boo him. Also boo Ashley Cole too if you want him to try and score against us. I have a better suggestion. How about ignoring the bloody opposition and cheering our boys instead! You get it? SUPPORT YOUR TEAM, THE ARSENAL, and don’t encourage the opposition. What a novel idea (eyes roll upwards) We are the 12th man and please sing loudly and support the best team in London.
So in addition to our motto Victoria Concordia Crescit or “Victory through Harmony”, may I suggest that we add
Adversus exitus optio non est, or “Failure is not an option.” Or what about Numquam cedite, numquam succumbite! which is “ Never Give up Never Surrender!” If we have the desire and work rate and passing skills that a proud Arsenal team can deliver, then beating Chelsea becomes more than a credible hope, it becomes a definite reality.
It is very sad that I have to describe the current state of affairs in the Gooner World as civil war, but some of the emotions were frankly horrifying to witness on the site this week. Some so called Gooners, (like James on our site) who are probably secretly hoping that Arsenal lose so that that they can yell I told you this squad was rubbish. In the media they are joined by ex manager George Graham who doesn’t know when to shut up. He claims that Arsene Wenger’s model of total football will never win anything. He also goes onto to suggest that Cesc Fabregas knows that at Barcelona, Trophies are guaranteed. Thanks George… That was a really useful intervention, when we are trying to ignore the future tapping up of our captain, just make it a little easier for him to have another excuse to leave won’t you ffs!
“I believe we are still in a very good position,”
“We are six points behind in the Championship with 16 games left in the season and we are still in the Champions League”

“The result on Sunday will have an importance but no matter what happens we will fight until the last second of the season because you can see that everybody drops points.”

The statement of the factual position of the club would lead an outsider to wonder why there has been so much blood letting between Gooners this week. I have my own views which are, Some Gooners have forgotten what it means to support the Club. So I say to them, put aside your grievances and get behind the manager, and his team. Or you could support Chelsea on Sunday if you are so disillusioned.
Coming back to the quotes from his media press conference, Arsene Wenger refused to be drawn about the nearly signing of the January transfer window. He said that he would not name the player to be fair to him.  Was it Loic Remy? 23 yr old striker from Nice in the french league? No one will know for sure outside the inner sanctum. These days, apart from the player’s agents, Gazidis and Wenger have ensured that news of their targets do not leak out these days. If anyone has credible sourced evidence of the player concerned then let us know. But I do not want idle tabloid speculation.
Arsene said that Diaby would have another fitness assessment tomorrow to see if he will be selected. I think that means that Diaby will replace Denilson along side Song and Fabregas. Which leaves the wide left choice between Nasri who was positively lethargic last Sunday and was partly responsible to making Clichy look as though he could handle Nani. He could also bring in the raw pace of Walcott, who is way overdue for a big game.
Eduardo is out, but Sol Campbell returns Robin van Persie will not be ready before April. Niklas Bendtner is not completely fit and he is in the squad. I hope that we can field a recognised striker for this game. Arsene Wenger also mentioned in his press conference that the clubs supporters are frustrated as is Arsene Wenger himself and the way to put this right is for the team to win on the field. WELL SAID!
I find it hard to find a good performance from the Arsenal World this week, So the performance that stands out is Hull City’s draw with Chelsea. Who would have thought??? I welcome any suggestions about Gooner performances that I may have missed.
It would be very easy to be provocative and choose one of our own, but my finger goes to the Arsenalaction blog who proudly proclaim
How novel, how supportive…
Thank goodness that we have a chance to show the world on Sunday what it means to be a supporter of the greatest team in England! Arsenal Football Club…
Arsenal ’til I die…

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