It's TGI Friday Time Again......

PGL: Well it’s been a week and I’m pretty sick of the Arshavin saga. My last word on it is this… Arsene if you think he’s that special and he’ll add a lot to the team, spend the money already and get the lad in.
On the football side of things we are looking like we’re beginning to find of fight again and as Wenger said the quartet of returning players will be massive for us.
PGL: 1-0 to the Arsenal. 1-0 to the Arsenal. So a bit of style has been replaced by steel, I for one am delighted but lets not over state the case. This is not a return to Graham era footie, this is simply needs must solution. We’re missing a bit of creative flair and a bit of pace so Wenger is getting the starting 11 to play a more controlled game. Nasri’s ability to retain possession under pressure and his eye for a pass make him the right man for the central role at the moment and I think we’ll see him stay there until Fab 4 returns or unless the Russian arrives (I promise that’s the last time I’ll mention him today!) Something else that has kinda gone under the radar is the return to form of Sagna. He didn’t have the most consistent start to the season but he looks to be back to somewhere near his best now.
AH: I think you are right PGL, under the circumstances and with what has gone before this season, Saturday was a perfect result and an underrated performance. People want to pigeonhole us and are always looking for evidence to support a storyline – typically poor quality journalism devoid of integrity by and large. The current theme of course is decline. So in Saturday’s games people, of a certain persuasion, saw an Arsenal side that struggled to find its rhythm and laboured where once we would have purred. Of course when we trashed Bolton on their own patch early doors this season people were still giving reasons why things were falling apart. In reality we had over 70% possession, controlled the game, never looked in danger and eventually broke through a very stubborn and solely negative Bolton side. Job done, move on.  The fact is we did exactly what people had previously chastised us for failing to do: defended, shown maturity, and fought hard. We also got 3 points, the same against Hull and we can really start to look forward to Everton as a crunch game in our title charge.
AH: First off, all the best to our esteemed editor who is preoccupied with senseless events elsewhere, keep the faith buddy.
A bit of an odd situation now dude, with everything very much up in the air and at a stage that in truth bedevils analysis or speculation. Within 2 weeks we will know who, if anyone, has arrived. I personally find it promising that the papers and rumour boards have gone dead, like the animals running from the storm, it is normally a sure sign Wenger is about to do something. But we will see. For me Arshavin would be welcome and I echo the sentiments above that if he is good enough then close the deal. Someone else would be a bonus, although maybe isn’t essential at the moment, assuming we can keep defending.
On the pitch, we can only wait and see. I think that our next 10 games have fallen so favourably in the schedule, we even play home after each leg with Roma, we can make a real move. The teams above us will be knocking points off one another, so if we keep our heads down and our focus is right it is possible we go into the final 5 matches with our title chances in our own hands. It may sound far-fetched, but the number of people stridently slating the team has fallen of late. Of course one slip now and we could be done for, with points and confidence leaving too much to make up. Each game is a cup final and it will tell us much about the quality and strengths of these kids.
PGL: Vic Crest’s wrote a great piece on the Emirates during the week. I’m not sure if it will feel like home until we win a league title again. It’s that glued to your seat feeling you get on a title run in. People stop leaving the ground early, every game is like a cup final, and those who sit around you all go through the shared nail biting experience. It’s that 10 game run in that makes a group of fans feel like a unit.  The Emirates is an amazing building but it’s not the Camp Nou… give it time Insiders. The more we go through collectively in the stands, the more it will feel like home and the more we’ll love it.
“My purpose is to develop the team on a daily basis and to think how we can improve. You ask me about this £100m and frankly I only heard about it because you cannot live in today’s world and ignore it. But I didn’t read one line about that because I have no interest in it. For me what is interesting is being on the football pitch in the morning and trying to see how we can develop as a team.”
PGL: It’s difficult to know how much of AW’s current development philosophy is a situation he has been forced into and how much is part of his master plan but I got to agree with him that the idea of £100m on a player is one I’m not interested in. I actually find it quite boring. So what if they are spending that sort of money…that’s their budget and it’s their business. The reason we all loved Adams was that he came through the ranks and was Arsenal through and through. Will the City fans love Kaka the way we loved Tony? I doubt it. They might love his style and his skill but we loved Tony because he was one of us. He wasn’t a hired gun.
We have a group of players coming through who have been developed by Arsene and although they may have been at other clubs have grown into men as Gooners, Cesc, Denilson, JD, Clichy, & Theo. Believe me the way we feel about these players can not be bought. They are the defenders of the faith. They are more Arsenal the Kaka will ever be City.
AH: Agreed PGL. On a similar line of thinking, I found myself considering our supposedly egalitarian wage structure. I love watching the interviews on arsetv online with the players and it has struck me of late how many, in large part due to poor English I am sure, but still, say how happy they are. I like the fact they want to play for Arsenal and are grateful to the club. Now I know the theory is that certain people are getting over paid for squad roles (I thought this whilst watching an Eboue interview), but maybe that is fair. 11 people play the game and everyone contributes, without sounding like a Proudhonist, why should someone be paid vastly more than his co-worker? Just a thought. But yes I love the fact we are developing true club players in an age that it is getting rarer. Lets hope we don’t alienate too many of them in the meantime.
AH: The kiddie cup team and particularly Gilles Sunu – you can’t argue with a hat-trick off the bench dude. From what I saw we looked good, especially Frimpong. A midfield of Thom as, Coquellin, Frimpong, Lansbury, with Wilshere ahead looks really good from here, scary good.  If we could get that first trophy this year, to take some pressure off and show the batch in the f irst team belong…
PGL: Nasri was awesome against Bolton. A tonic really. I feared we’d be a rudderless ship without Cesc Samir really stepped up.
PGL: I’m sure I’ve given it to this twat before but he’s getting again… Kevin Davies. Kevin mate, if you elbow someone in the face they are going to scream. You’re a filthy mutt of a footballer. I’d never condone a player purposely hurting another professional but I wish one of our boys would slap that idiot about the chops.
AH: I’m going for the rich pricks who are bankrolling city. Just look at what Hughes has done with what was a decent team under Erickson, this isn’t about fear of competition. Personally I resent what is happening because, to my mind, it cheapens the bond between the fans and the club. I know many Chav supporters who lamented Abrahmovic’s arrival and felt their trophies were tainted. Whilst I’m sure City fans will enjoy their ride, it must leave a bitter taste to see a bunch rich twunts using the club as a glorified camel race. I truly hope they go down. I also wonder how many players would take a pay cut to get back up, not many I assume.
AH:  Defensive solidity. We aren’t losing, or haven’t been for a while now, next on the agenda is some clean sheets starting at Hull. If nothing else I just don’t see that we can compete in the CL whilst leaking goals.
PGL: I’m so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so glad that JD is getting his chance. The guy has become our first choice central defender. He has everything it takes to be top class. What needs to happen now is Kolo or Gallas need to get in his head and bring him on mentally the same way Sol brought on Kolo. When the Invincibles took the filed you could see the focus and communication between Toure and Campbell. This wasn’t something that just happened, they worked on the partnership until it became perfect. Personally I like Gallas and JD but having real competition between the CBs at the club is undoubtedly making them all better.AH: Compare Nasri’s first 6 months at the club with Henry ad Pires. Not saying he will be that good, but he has better at the beginning and is younger than either of them were, just a thought. From the first team I also thought Denilson did well and Diaby was better than people have suggested. Bendtner at 20 years old won us the match – så tag den! – I latterlige røvhuller.

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