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Welcome back to TGIF, just a short blog today, having just finished work. The wires are humming with the Blatter story and I make no apologies for joining the outcry calling for Blatter to resign. He has become the unacceptable face of apologism for heinous attitudes. His comments on Homosexuals going to Quatar, wanting Women to wear seductive football strips and finally that players experiencing racist abuse from their opponents should just accept it and shake hands indicate that not only is this man out of touch, but those who refuse to condemn this man unequivocally and fail to demand his resignation need understand that they themselves will have their motives questioned. Tokyo Sexwale who has come out in support of Blatter is Blatter’s bitch. The publication of them hugging on twitter is so ridiculous that the South African has become used in the same way as a latter day Uncle Tom. Sexwale’s comments to attack the England FA for not taking action against John Terry, is food and drink to Blatter. Attack the English Media and divide and rule. In the face of a likely criminal prosecution, any action against John Terry may predjudice any subsequent proceedings. Innocent until proven guilty is a higher moral virtue than the divisive morals of Sexwale. What ever his previous work against racism Mr Sexwale, I am disgusted by your behaviour. I question the motive for your support of Blatter
Only one issue being Sepp Blatter the head of FIFA. In my opinion his apology is false and stage managed. The best apology that he could have given would have been his resignation. Blatter is a man with shrewd political awareness. He survives and only the sponsors can rid of him. What Sepp Blatter has failed to do, is realise how much succour he has given the seeds of facism. We hear of Neo Nazis on the resurgence in Germany, we see people openly abusing Lewis Hamilton in Spain and saying it’s a joke. Black players have received monkey chants in Spain, but they are the darlings of World Culture. Because they see it as just froiendly banter, the scourge of racism will continue to thrive in those countries like Spain where the culture disregards the pain and hurt experienced by those they mock. Even worse, the tolerance of these racist attitudes in places like Spain, can only encourage the more radical elements the world over, who will use these examples as ammunition to suggest that they are not quite so evil.
The sad thing is, that increasingly in South American countries, the level of violence being inflicted upon players, referees and fans have literally murderous proportions. People are being killed in the name of football. If it continues along this road, then any right thinking person should walk away from the sport entirely. What Sepp Blatter’s words have done is not only to ignore totally the sentiment of suggesting that the abused should welcome their abuser’s, but also it absiolutely places no need for the abuser to understand why his crime is wrong. If we go down this road, then things will get worse and violent disorder will return not only to our football gorunds, but also to our streets. There will be no go areas in some countries for people of the wrong race, colour or creed. The basest vile attitudes will grow again. Blatter has turned back the world clock by three decades and he should pay with his job, irrespective of his work to further the fight against racism in FIFA. Blatter is not guilty of racism, he is guilty of condoning racist behaviour in a manner that leads to indirect support of racism.
The people who can get rid of Blatter?
Michel Platini head of UEFA and heir apparent to FIFA’s crown. If he remains silent for any longer, he should also not be given the job. For unless he cannot support the FA’s stance then he is no better than the French collaborators of the second world war. Apathy and silence only condones racism.
McDonald’s and the other FIFA sponsors could do so, but if they remain silent then they too must be boycotted the world over. The only way to influence these companies is to hit their bottom line. They could call for Blatter to go now, but until they feel their profits being threatened, they too will remain silent.
Governments should remove the tax exempt status from FIFA. Why should ordinary people the world over pay their countries taxes, and yet FIFA gets concessions?
Blatter must be forced to resign, so I agree with Neil Warnock. Every black player for every country affiliated to FIFA should refuse to play International football until Blatter goes. Make this a worldwide campaign and join Dion Dublin’s twitter campaign to find a way to get rid of Blatter. Join the ex Aston Villa player by retweeting #Seppstepdown as your next tweet , but also add, boycott FIFA sponsors.
Together we can do this, a worldwide campaign by ordinary people to get rid of Blatter, lets go to work!
Football gives you one chance and it is because you are selected on merit and it is easy to identify the merit. In normal society, the problem is much deeper
I agree with his awareness that sport unites as many as it divides means that we all have to realise that great efforts have been made, but complacency is very possible. Let me state unequivocally that I agree with Arsene’s position on zero tolerance, but given that Sepp Blatter’s comment will give comfort to those countries and FA’s that regard racism as acceptable, I am very disappointed that the very well informed Arsene Wenger could not come out and agree that Blatter should resign.
How do we get back the run of form after the International break?
We have confidence from the last win, also by focusing the professionally on our targets, we can get it back.
Team news
Chamakh is back
Gibbs out – hernia surgery 6 weeks
Jenkinson out – stress fracture in back out for 3-4 weeks
Why the good run in traditionally our bad months Oct & Nov?
We need to keep our momentum going, and it is probably because we had a bad start. Players out, at the start and now the team is getting stronger
Game against Norwich?
A surprise package along with QPR and Swansea. The level has risen in the lower divisions as experienced in FA games last season
Sepp Blatter?
I am against any discrimination. I am for zero tolerance on and off the pitch or in the stands. England has alot of work to do on the attitude in the stands.
Should Blatter resign?
I did not hear all the debate. Any insult has to be punished. We have alot of work to do inside football. There is too much talk on the pitch.
Why outcry here as opposed to elsewhere?
Bitterness from World Cup, and battle between Blatter and FA. I am for zero tolerance.
Other countries take it seriously?
France takes it seriously, other countries with multicultural immigration also do so because it is, those without this immigration tend not to.
Champions League Game, will we take our eye off the ball?
No we will give 100 effort, and Robin van Persie will play tomorrow and if possible on Wednesday in the Champions League also.
Thierry Henry has been training here this week…
An honour and a pleasure for the kids. He enjoys coming back to Arsenal.
Future for Henry at Arsenal?
He is going back in February, and his future is in the States
Other statements…
We have to improve our home form.
I have not thought about a short term loan for Henry, and that subject cannot be considered before December in any case. We have a large squad.
We have two fullbacks out and we are a bit short on the right side. Options Koscielny and Djourou
FIFA out of touch? His only contact with FIFA was in educating International Coaches.
Jack Wilshere will not be back before the end of January, his x-ray is ok but he has work to do.
Norwich have conceded fewer goals than Arsenal
Mertesacker is getting better, people have been harsh in their judgment. He reads the game well and has a calming influence. He is stronger and had an outstanding performance against Holland midweek.
Dortmund will be hard as they are playing for the last chance to qualify.
Catching top teams
We are too far from the top team and we intend to close the gap by Christmas. In the second part of the season, we have a chance to come back when we play these teams at home.
Perhaps it could work. It would punish the team on the day, and would reward the team that had been disadvantaged, which is a good thing.
Sepp Blatter and his FIFA SPONSORS
Look at this image, and select your sponsor whether it be McDonalds or Sony and make you voice heard…
Enjoy the game tomorrow…
RTK’s prediction Norwich 0 Arsenal 4
Bye for now!

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