TGIF: and the Insider Arsenal Player of the season is...

PGL: Good morning Insiders and welcome to the TGIF Season Awards as voted by you, our readers! (How cheesy an intro was that? I should be wearing a Tux.) FTK and myself thought this would be a nice touch to bring the curtain down on a long season; it’s always good to finish on a positive. So lets get announcing winners… No tears please!
FTK: Yes, and remember Insiders, we can continue the discussion of these results in the comments below at the end of TGIF!
And the winner is…
Emmanuel Adebayor, Villarreal 1-1 Arsenal Tuesday, April 07, 2009

PGL: That goal was so ingenious Ade even admitted he didn’t know how he did it himself! The way he managed to twist his body and produce the finish proves what an athlete the lad is. I think this could be the real reason so many of us find Ade frustrating. He has awesome ability, and can do the unexpected… if only he’d do it a bit more often! The noises are that he’ll be staying but I’m not sure that anyone is convinced, personally I think he’ll be here but I’m sure my award co-host FTK will disagree with me…
FTK: Yes, that goal also summed up for me the most frustrating aspect of this player. He has ability when he puts his mind to it. I agree that the technique of this overhead kick  required athleticism, and it is undoubtedly up there with his best goals for the club, but we should have had so many more from him. Adebayor could stay yes, but really few believe that this will be the case. The acquisition of Portsmouth Football club by Abhu Dhabi Billionaire Businessman Sulaiman Al-Fahim presents yet another selling opportunity for Arsenal Football club. Manchester citeh also are in the running for the Togalese striker’s signature.
Actual results:

Samir Nasri (second goal), Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United Saturday, November 08, 2008.35%
Robin Van Persie, Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool Sunday, December 21, 200827%
Emmanuel Adebayor, Villarreal 1-1 Arsenal Tuesday, April 07, 200937%

And the winner is…
Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United, Barclays Premier League, Emirates Stadium, Saturday, November 08, 2008

PGL: In Homer Simpson’s greatest ever rant, he said: “I can’t live the buttoned down life like all of you! I want it all: the terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, the creamy middles!”
That game was without a doubt the dizzying high of our season. I think we all thought we’d kick on from that point and mount a serious challenge but lets not get depressed! What I enjoyed most about that performance was that when the game finished Fergie had nothing to complain about. We were the better side. It was a glimpse of what this side is capable of. Hats off to Nasri who cemented his place in our hearts that day!
FTK: Man United were outplayed that day and really I cannot understand why we hit such a slump afterwards. Nasri was brilliant and when he is on form, he reminds me of Hleb. In a season where good performances were few and far between, this game revealed what we would have been capable of, had injuries not removed some of our key players.
Actual results:

Irish Guy Predicts GW14 Premier League Results

Arsenal 4-0 FC Porto, UEFA Champions League, Tuesday, September 30, 200821%
Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United, Barclays Premier League, Emirates Stadium Saturday, November 08, 200870%
Newcastle United 1-3 Arsenal, Barclays Premier League, St James’ Park, March 21, 20099%

And the winner is…
Andrey Arshavin, Liverpool 4-4 Arsenal Anfield, April 21, 2009

PGL: An unsurprising landslide for the Russian. 87% of you voted Andrey’s four goal haul as the Individual Performance of the Season. It was an awesome display of finishing power. That look of disbelief in his face as he turned to run towards the Away Day Gooners after he bagged the forth was worth the admission fee alone. And of course his post match quote “I cannot score 19 just 4” an instant classic. Get it on a t-shirt someone!
FTK: When I think of that performance, I recall the anger alongside the joy. The weekend before he could have played against Chelsea in the semi-final of the FA Cup. A huge mistake by Arsene Wenger. Again the team should have closed the game down, but as with the Tottenham game at the Emirates, we failed to win the game. Andrey Arshavin will be a key player in the Champions League qualifiers next season. Ushankas off to him. Well done!
Actual results:

William Gallas, Tottenham Hotspur 0-0 Arsenal White Hart Lane, February 08, 20097%
Andrey Arshavin, Liverpool 4-4 Arsenal Anfield, April 21, 200987%
Manuel Almunia, Manchester United 1-0 Arsenal Old Trafford, April 29, 20096%

And the winner is…
Andrey Arshavin

PGL: The little Russian has shown us why we pushed so hard to get him. He has lit up the second half of our season and really showed us what ‘World Class’ means. He has everything we hoped, pace, skill, leadership, experience, and a scary ability to always do the right thing with the ball and with a full pre-season behind him, next season he could dominate the Premiership.
I said it before and I’ll say it again, he should be given the number 7 shirt and carry on the tradition of the wonderful players who had that number on their backs. BTW I think Gibbs was a decent shout for this one too, the lad can be very proud of himself.
FTK: I actually voted for Keiran Gibbs, but I understand why Arshavin was voted ahead of him. In all of the games that Arshavin played in, he hardly put a foot wrong. His passes were incisive and often the players around him never made the intelligent runs, exposing the gulf in class. We need two more key players like him.
Actual results:

Samir Nasri12%
Andrey Arshavin65%
Kieran Gibbs20%

And the winner is…
Fernando Torres, Liverpool

PGL: I think it’s safe to say that Henry’s crown as the Premierships Mostly Deadly Marksman has gone north and now sits proudly onto of the Spaniards head. Great on the deck and in the a ir Torres poses a real threat. What impresses me more than anything else about El Nino is how good his movement is. He seem s to have the ability to read the game and move into positions where he can cause the most damage.
FTK: One of our Insiders tried to suggest that on statistical terms Torres was the same as Adebayor, yet watching the two play soon makes one realise the truth of the statement, Lies damned Lies and Statistics! Torres could always rely upon his individual skill and was a match winner. Adebayor well… enough said really. There is no comparison. Torres is the real deal, and I recall that we were initially linked to get him, but we didn’t have the cash as usual.
Actual results:

Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United25%
Fernando Torres, Liverpool33%
Gabriel Agbonlahor, Aston Villa4%

And the winner is…
Phil Brown, Hull City

PGL: A huge 84% of Insiders voted Brown as the ‘Knob of the Season’. As orange as a wanna-be-wag, the man tried his hardest to discredit our captain and our club and the fact Brown’s lies were endorsed by Hull City’s hierarchy made the whole affair even more sickening. I can’t wait to take six points off the tw*t next season.
FTK: He has to be the most embarrassing manager in the Premiership. His orange tan and earpiece shows us how much he wants to be in the limelight. Relegation would have punished all of Hull, which I admit I did want to see. I think the less said about this idiot the better!
Actual results:

David Bentley, Tottenham10%
Phil Brown, Hull City84%
Alexander Hleb, Barcelona (for now!)2%

And the winner is…
Arshavin not starting in the FA Cup semi-final

PGL: It was a jaw dropping decision by Le Boss and one I believe played a significant part in the anger expressed recently. AW said it was about getting the side ready for the Champions League, which, I guess is what we have to accept as valid. Unfortunately the season ends with a nagging feeling if Andrey had started the game we could be getting ready for a trip to Wembley.
FTK: This was Arsene Wenger’s biggest mistake this season and I am certain that he regrets it. I cannot say anymore as it still hurts…
Actual results:

Steve McClaren’s Dutch accent in his interview pre-Champions League qualifying game13%
William Gallas staying in January2%
Arshavin not starting in the FA Cup semi-final78%

And the winner is…
Eduardo’s Return

PGL: What a feeling seeing Eddie back, and as the song predicted Darren Bent still is cack! I wasn’t at the Emirates that day so over to FTK to explain the emotional reaction of the crowd.
FTK: The funny thing was that Eduardo didn’t feature in the pre game warm up, and wasn’t mentioned as being in the final eleven, when all of the crowd was expecting it. The final announcement was made just made before kick off, and it was greeted by huge cheers. When he scored, I don’t think that there was a single dry eye in the stadium. We love this player, and he shows a desire to play for our club that others could learn from. I am so much looking forward to him staying fit next season. Eduardo we salute you!
Actual results:

Robin Van Persie’s late equaliser against Everton8%
Eduardo’s Return49%
Penalty Shoot-out V Roma42%

And the winner is…
(First 8 minutes!) Arsenal 1-3 Manchester United, UEFA Champions League, Emirates Stadium, May 05, 2009

PGL: You’ve got to hand it to the club, the flags were a master stroke. The Emirates was transformed into a South American style cauldron like arena. I guess it’s the dream that every game at the Grove could be stir up that sort of atmosphere. Every Gooner must strive to make this happen next season!
FTK: I have mixed feelings about that, I have to express anger at the fact that so many so called fans just failed to lift the players after the opening goal. Pompey fans would have continued waving the flags and making noise. Yes for eight minutes it was amazing, but the memory is tainted by seeing the early fire drill as hundreds streamed out of the stadium before half-time. We need the fans to get behind the team even more when we are losing.
Actual results:

Everton 1-1 Arsenal, Barclays Premier League, Goodison Park, January 28, 200920%
W.B.A. 1-3 Arsenal, Barclays Premier League, The Hawthorns, March 03, 200914%
(First 8 minutes!) Arsenal 1-3 Manchester United, UEFA Champions League, Emirates Stadium, May 05, 200964%

And the winner is…
Robin Van Persie!!!

PGL: I must say RVP got my vote. There was a long period this season where he seemed like the only one who really wanted it. When Cesc got injured he obviously decided that he needed to take the strain. At Goodison, that last minute goal was just reward for a player who frankly embarrassed the other 9 out field players in terms of effort and of course the finish was sublime. Lets hope the Gaffer can convince him to stay and he can STAY FIT! I think if he can play 30+ games for us next year he’ll break the 20 league goals mark, the gold standard for Premiership strikers. So here’s to RVP the Insider player of the year.
FTK: RVP has yet to sign his contract, which rather suggests that we will not be seeing him either next season. I just don’t understand why he cannot seize the opportunity. He is a class player and even though he will have been frustrated being played out of position with Arshavin, he was the one that enabled us to keep within distance of the rest of the top four teams. Well done Robin!
Actual results:

Manuel Almunia23%
Robin Van Persie29%

PGL: So Insider thanks for voting and thanks for reading. Than k Gooner it’s Friday.

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