TGIF: Chelsea will fall as Arsenal rise…

TGIF is back and I have to say that International breaks do my head in, not only are they pointless when friendly matches are arranged, but regularly the home clubs are faced with having to do without some of their best players through injuries sustained whilst on International duty. Whilst I’m blowing my top, can someone get rid of that idiot Sepp Blatter. Between him and Platini of UEFA, the whole game of football is suffering and without the use of video technology this years World Cup will be a farce. Blatter you have been warned. Just resign FFS! OK rant over and onto TGIF!

The Big Issues

Who is to replace Robin van Persie up front? Eduardo is my bet, even allowing for his failure to score against Sunderland. He has been a loyal servant of the club and he possesses aerial ability that our front line lacks. Lets back him against the Chavs.
Other options? Well Theo Walcott has been making noises about playing in the centre, yet until he commands his body better, he will have to wait. He seems to rush into the danger zone with opponents thus leaving him with almost no space to turn. Theo Walcott best performances with the England Under 21s were always through the middle , so time may prove him to be the next star in a no 14 shirt, lets hope!
Carlos Vela is an unknown quantity and really does not have the mindset of a solo striker, yet I am not on the training ground, and if he possesses those skills, be assured that Arsene will play him. What an opportunity missed last transfer window, we sell Adebayor and depend on Bendtner. When will Arsene Wenger give us the striker we deserve? Until the big Dane improves his first touch, I cannot see him becoming a world class striker anytime soon. I am sorry to be harsh but Arsenal deserve better. C’mon Niklas…prove me wrong!

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Josh wrote an article about Diaby, the young Frenchman will be a great star in the future, but at the moment he lacks vision and his tendency to hold onto the ball too long leaves many fans frustrated when he loses possession. My view is give him time, he has already come back from a very serious ankle injury. I am confident he will become Vieira mkII in the future. He has excellent close ball skills and can tackle. His aerial ability can be improved, but he is the complete player, but his youth is preventing him from showing it when it counts. Arsenal QuoteIn his Arsenal TVonline interview Arsene said


Arsenal Quote

“We are a team and lets express our strengths against Chelsea”.

Arsene has hit the nail on the head. All of you anxious Gooners out there need to believe more. Arsene believes that on their day this team can beat anyone in the world. Fans must see themselves as part of the Arsenal team. We must fear NO-ONE, if the anxiety of the fans in the stadium is evident by groans and silence, then we will let down our young protégés. Make some noise if you are going to the game. Let us prove that WE ARE THE BEST TEAM IN LONDON, end of story! Chelsea are more hype and have yet to meet a team of the quality of Arsenal. If we win then the gap will be down to eight points with a game in hand. But watch out for the usual Chelsea cheating, the Drogba diving, the Terry off the ball obstruction. This Chelsea team will never have my respect if they continue to use such tactics.


Denilson’s strike mid week against Standard Liege was pure magic. I loved his dance routine with Samir Nasri. The head wagging is incredibly amusing and shows a side of Denilson which will make me more forgiving in respect of his minor faults. I am pleased for the player for several reasons. We need midfielders who have the ability to strike the ball with quality and Denilson has this in abundance. Denilson will become a more confident player if he adds scoring regularly to his skill set, and finally I have grown tired of seeing Arsenal players trying to walk the ball into the net. Wengerball in the build up by all means, but in front of goal I now want our strikers to be utterly ruthless and thump that ball with venom past their keeper from 15 yards out, lets score the perfect goal AFTER we have scored three or more goals and we are then entertaining the crowd and the world exhibition stylie.

Friday Finger

John Terry of Chelsea, for two reasons. He was disrespectful of Arsenal by assuming that we would be rolled over in the sequence of four games that would define the south Londoners season. He thinks that teams now fear Chelsea in the same way that they did under Jose Mourhino. He said recently in the Guardian

Arsenal will be doing the maths; they are eight points behind with a game in hand. We’ve had some good results there since Wayne Bridge’s winner in the Champions League in 2004 and another one could cement our position at the top of the table.

Yeah dream on Terry, we will avenge last season’s defeats don’t you worry. The other reason for the finger is that as England Captain he has the responsibility to lead the team and further the interests of the team as a whole, instead we see the player sticking his head in the trough and through an intermediary company is sending out e-mails selling himself as an icon prior to the world cup to help in advertising campaigns for businesses.Lets give John Terry the result he deserves the big headed twat!


Goes to Alex Song for signing up to the Arsenal until 2015.Alex Song has finally delivered the class of player that Arsene Wenger could see and we as ordinary fans could not. He will become an Arsenal legend mark my words. Thanks also go to Cesc Fabregas who did not rule out staying at Arsenal for the rest of his career, but seriously Cesc, lets say that AFTER this year’s summer transfer window has finished eh?
That’s the end of TGIF today, hope that you enjoyed the thoughts of yours truly and feel free to comment or disagree below.

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