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TGIF today is presented by just me and is shorter than usual due to PGL and AH being otherwise disposed, with of course one certain Champions League Draw taking place in Switzerland later this morning. So Arsenalinsider will later publish the full draw shortly after completion along with Vic Crescit’s normal Friday contribution.
Well there is only one talking point this week, and the famous “did he shake Phil Brown’s hand” debate was very easily proved by looking into the picture archives. So my blog which yesterday branded Phil Brown a liar gained further strength following the comments of Arsenal Chairman Sir Peter Hill-Wood who commented thus

“ I didn’t see any of the incidents that are being referred to. People are getting over-excited and maybe upset when things don’t go well for them and possibly do things they will live to regret. The whole thing is a storm in a teacup – there are more important things to worry about in the world and, quite frankly, I find it all rather childish.
I have a perfectly good relationship with the Hull chairman and I did shake hands at the end and say ‘bad luck’, which I felt was fair comment. They were very nice to be with and we had a perfectly friendly discussion.
“So to say there is this big bad blood between us is nonsense. We deserved to win but our winning goal may have been offside. These things happen in football and if you don’t accept them you shouldn’t be involved. I always have sympathy for the referee and the linesman – they have to make an instant decision when there is an almighty melee in the box. 
I don’t like people spitting at anyone. It is not something I have been brought up to do so I find it rather difficult to understand. But I find this whole particular saga difficult to understand.”

Elsewhere our captain Cesc Fabregas gained even more support after the Scum supporting BBC w*nkers tried to suggest that Fabregas had previous following an alleged incident with Ballack in a game against Bayern Munich. Harper, one of our USA Insiders was quick to point out the facts.

My Revenge On Ben Foster

” The ref booked Cesc for shouting an obscenity at Ballack, NOT spitting. Cesc himself said that he cursed at Ballack, he didn’t spit at him. The news reports at the time also made no mention of spitting, just cursing.”

Support for this view has come from the German club itself  distanced itself from the claims of the BBC.

Bayern director of communications Markus Hoerwick has cleared Fabregas over the Ballack incident.

“It definitely never happened,” he said of the claim the Spaniard spat in the German
midfielder’s face after fouling him.

“If anything of that kind happened I would have been the first to be informed and the first to do something about it.”

So as I demanded yesterday, it is time for the FA to throw the book at Phil Brown who yesterday received a £2,500 fine from the organisation for bringing the game into disrepute following his touchline spat with Newcastle manager Joe Kinnear, he was warned about his future conduct, and if as seems likely his outburst is considered less than accurate, Phil Brown will come out of this with not only his reputation as an honest man damaged, but also a hefty penalty from the FA. All well and good as far as I am concerned.

“There was no incident. I haven’t seen anything, I went in early and I saw nothing at all.

I have been here for 12 years and I have seen a lot of incidents in the tunnel. But you have never seen me in a press conference come out and say ‘he did this’ or ‘he did that’ never. It is very disappointing [that an opposing manager would do that].”

Phil Brown is a W8NKER…. what more needs to be said?

This has to go to our Youth team, who went to Manchester and came from behind in the first leg of the FA Youth Cup semi-final to beat Citeh 2-1. It was a great second half performance and Stevie Bould’s kids can be congratulated for bringing some positive Arsenal news to the Gooner world this week. Please go to the Emirates and support them on Wednesday 22nd of April as they aim to close out this fixture and get to the final. Here is an excerpt from the match report on Arsecom

“Man City’s Alex Nimely-Tchuimeni handed them a deserved lead four minutes before the break. as the hosts dominated.

But Arsenal, who had to come from behind in Round Three and the Quarter Final, emerged from the interval with renewed vigour and vibrancy. Jay Emmanuel-Thomas, so often Arsenal’s hero in this competition, rose highest at the front post to nod Jack Wilshere’s corner past Joe Clegg in City’s goal.
Within 10 minutes, the comeback was complete when Gilles Sunu wriggled into the area and planted a right-footed effort across the keeper to send City to their first defeat of the season.
In truth, it could and perhaps should have been more. Luke Ayling, Emmanuel-Thomas and Francis Coquelin were all denied by the woodwork with Clegg well beaten.”

Well done lads… now push onto victory and let’s have the Youth Team at Wembley!!!

The finger goes to BBC Fivelive the bunch of Tottenham supporting divs who seem to think that where there’s smoke there’s fire. Perhaps their biased researchers might like get to their facts straight before jumping on the easy anti-Arsenal bandwagon. I hate the anti-Gunner media, but to think that I have to pay a licence fee to hear that rubbish makes me sick… Lets hope that Phil Brown is crucified by the FA, and the BBC dickheads are once again shown up to be anti-Gunner and very very stupid.

Well, it has to be for our Club, our Captain, Our Players, Our Manager, Our Chairman, Our Fans, in fact everything associated with Arsenal Football Club. It is not just about belonging to a big club with an awesome heritage and reputation, it is not just about having established how the beautiful game should be played, neither is it about how others see our club through their jealous anti-Arsenal glasses, but this is about a tradition, about a way of life, about a meaning to exist…

Thank Goonerings for THE ARSENAL…. that gives us pain, pleasure but most of all a real big family of Gooners.

Arsenal ’til we die!!!


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