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OK this is a teaser for the return of TGIF, I have to say that the old format was not very interactive and it was more you readers being fed , then expressing your views via the comments. So the new TGIF will become more interactive with the best comments in the first two hours being responded to and included with the Blog for posterity. The traditional elements of the Friday Finger and a synopsis of the Wenger press conference will remain. But there will less comment upon what was discussed on the site the preceding week before. The feeding frenzy section will deal with what appears to be exercising debate between Gooners and the press, with irreverent comment from our new rude correspondent E-i-E, a hardcore gooner from Islington who tells it as it is, or was, and needs some parental guidance methinks. Not all of his views comply with those of the club or Arsenalinsider, so be warned. I also hope to show your video of the week, a video that you the fans will decide needs sharing with the wider Goonersphere by making your suggestion to my e-mail. It doesn’t have to be strictly Arsenal related but it would help!
Big Issues
Well no less than the way that the club handles not just transfers, but public relations. We have seen Arsenal cast in various roles, but for it’s fans, the worst is the contrast of denying information to the world when everyone else knew the script. With Canute-esque aplomb, Arsene Wenger tried to stem the tide of questions from the assembled journalists. His “Not expecting anyone to leave” statement almost drew mocking laughter. Everyone it seems except Arsene Wenger knew from Spanish sources that a deal for the transfer of Fabregas had been agreed. Anyone with half a tweet, was wise, those with a full tweet wiser by far. Arsenal fans have to get the news from anywhere other than their own club. It’s all very well to criticise that Barcelona FC have been disrespectful by allowing its players, and loyal newspapers to inform the Barcelona fans, but seriously, what point is there of Arsenal trying to control the release of information after it has got out?
To compound the loss of control still further, the official spokesman for Arsenal Football club has announced that a deal has yet to be done. So stage right, they remind Barcelona that the paperwork has yet to be completed. So What? Even if they believed this what were they going to do? Some say that Pep Guardiola told Cesc to drive back from the London airport, others say it was Arsenal. I cannot believe that it is important to bring him back from Spain in a tantrum and say to Fabregas you will not sign… To  intervene in this way will only draw more criticism. My view is that Arsenal should have conceded that a deal in principle had been done but had yet to be legally concluded.
Arsenal fans are not stupid, so the club should not treat as such. All the fans want is proper strengthening of the squad, which will be damaged by the loss of Fabregas and supposedly Nasri as well. I don’t care what the club say in public as long as at the end of the transfer window we have a squad to be proud of with decent reinforcements. We must be able to challenge for the title, just to stay in the top four. We now have to hope that that the transfer activity will pick up with just over 2 weeks to go to the end of the transfer window.
Squad matters
Injuries dominate with Wilshere and Diaby not being available for the teatime kick-off on Saturday. Walcott and Robin van Persie the captain elect will have fitness tests. Samir Nasri has cranial transferitis or in lay terms is unsettled by an enormous offer from Man City and so will not play again I predict for Arsenal.
Other squad issues? The numbers have been released. Fabregas , Almunia, Nasri and Bendtner still have numbers, as they remain Arsenal players for the moment. The granting of a work permit to my new bet for the next Arsenal legend, Ryo Miyaichi has number 31. He was granted a visa under the exceptional talent rule. So now has to apply for a permanent visa in Japan, from the British Embassy there. After that he has to be registered with the Premier League, so he is ineligible for the first two games against the magpies and Udinese in the Champions League. A big welome to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, he has number 15.  Gervinho has 27.
Have your Say
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Arsene quote of the week

We have a massive squad

That is the real problem, too many players drawing a huge amount of money. But who signed these players in the first place Arsene? I really think that Arsene Wenger needs to change his approach and make the winning of games THIS season a priority, not the games in THREE seasons time.
The Weekend’s game
Well, it seems that the Magpies are ready and waiting, according to Alan Pardew. But at the moment, the game will be remembered for which team manages to get out a full team. If you remember the song, Magpie… One for sorrow two for joy, three for a girl and four for a boy, five for silver, and six for gold, and seven being  a secret never to be told, that in fact the Geordies will only manage to get nine players out against us. No Carroll, No Joey Barton, having sold their left back Enrique to Liverpool. At least that Tiote bloke isn’t playing, so if we get to 4-3, we should hold onto victory!
‘Allo my fellow goners… E.I.E ‘ere!
Listen me muckers, don’t listen to the gits who say that Arsenal are finished. We ‘avent even started yet! Real Gooners start fighting when our backs are against the wall, especially when those walls are on the Seven Sisters Road if you get my drift…hahahahahaha
But talking of the Seven Sisters road, what a palarva eh? I mean if those silly sods down at Shite Hart lane wanna riot and clear a few buildings for their new stadium, why do it on the day that my Grannie wanted to travel to Crouch End market? Leave it out you wallies! She was right upset that you trashed the traffic lights in Tottenham high street, she was kept waiting at least six hours before the silly cow realised they wernt working…lol
Anyway ere’s hoping that the global stock markets will shove it up the likes of those garlic eating Barcelona crew. I mean, why would Fabs wanna go to a club that’s gonna be skint next season? I gather that the cheesy Spaniards are going on strike for the first two games? What is all that about? With five clubs in La Laiga in administration, and the rest looking like the Scottish Premier League on steroids, methinks, that Fabregas will be paying out not just for Barca, but for Real Madrid as well…chortle!
Anyway Arsene me old mucker, your hopes of the Financially doped clubs being punished by the banks not loaning them money will soon come true, as I gather the Euro has gone tits up…hahahahahaha, I aint giving up my british pound away for nobody’s money, not even to help that shake Mansoor bloke buy Sammy Naseri. Anyway, gotta go, I was considering going out on the piss tonight… hehehehehe, I thought of putting out a few fires still burning in Tottenham, but then thought sod it… I’ll ‘ave a few jars at ‘ome wiv the missus. See ya later Gooners! E…i…E!!!!
Friday Finger
Anyone and everyone who has written off our season before it’s begun
Video of the week
Just something to cheer you all up, if you think that being a Gooner at the moment is pretty miserable, then spare a thought for other football supporters who have had to witness this lot…
Breaking News
You may have noticed that I am now Rocky the King, Fabregas the King is dead, Long live RTK…lol See you soon Gooners.

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