Well what a week! From our winning of the group in the Champions league, to the revelation that Arsenal may well dip it’s toe into the January transfer market. After our losses in the premier league, we finally got that monkey off a back with a less than convincing performance against Stoke. So bring on the Scousers and bring on TGIF!
This has to be the news that Red and White Securities have breached the 26% threshold and have signalled that they are quite ready to join in battle with Stanley Kroenke for the ownership of Arsenal Football club. What is amazing about this is the possible strategy. Usmanov will have noted that Kroenke is sitting tight possibly hoping that the buy price in any takeover will be inflated from a base of  £7,700 the value  that shares were exchanging hands only 2 months ago. If this share value could have been maintained for a few months, then Usmanov would be looking at substantial losses in any takeover battle having spent the best part of two hundred million pounds buying shares at a premium. Let me go into a little more detail and explain what I mean as simply as possible.
If raising cash for a takeover of the club is the issue it appears to be with the Kroenke camp, then it is in Usmanov’s interests to increase the share value by more aggressive buying. The current share price of £9,200 a share would value the club at around £580 million, a hundred million more than the value two months ago. The price is bound to rise to above £10,000 a share possibly even reaching £11 a share meaning that Usmanov could realise £180 million pounds for his £190 million stake, which means only a £10million loss as opposed to the 55 million loss if the shares were being traded at just under £9,000 had the £7,700 base been fixed by Kroenke’s previous buys. If ever Kroenke wanted an indication of Usmanov’s resolve, he now has it. Lady Nina’s shareholding now becomes absolutely vital. She has become a potential king maker and holds the future of the club’s ownership in her hands. Will she go for fortune or infamy…
The site was humming in response to two topics, the need to buy a replacement striker and today, the injury to Bendtner and the consequences. What is clear is that Gooners want a potent striking force to replace Robin van Persie, but there is no clear consensus. The from runners are Dzeko of Wolfsburg and Gignac from Tolouse. The introduction of Arshavin into the mix was a logical move by Le Boss, but Fabregas was then quoted as saying that a tall positive presence up front was required. Today in his media press conference Le Boss did not disagree with the obvious as he saw it, but he would not be drawn further on the matter.
“I look first for the quality of the player, at his attitude and his leadership,” said the manager. “The injuries can happen to anybody. He is not responsible for what happened to him. I want to extend his contract so that shows you how patient I am. I think he can return to his previous level.”
Well this quote was Arsene confirming that he intends to offer Rosicky a new contract. You may recall that I wrote a blog some time ago suggesting that we should cancel the player’s contract at next renewal. I am happy to not only state that I was wrong to take the short sighted option at the time but also humbly and publicly apologise to Tomas Rosicky, for he has shown by his performances that he is willing to put his body on the line for our great club and in so doing he deserves our support.
The kidz, the kidz, the kids would beat the yidz….lol
Even in victory, the team that set about the greek Champions in Wednesday’s Champions league fixture made one proud to be a Gooner. I unreservedly give the performance of the week to the team that included one Top Gun by the name of Cruise. Aaron Ramsey has put in a claim for successor to Fabregas. So if the Club really do want to cash in and sell him to a well known Spanish club or if the player himself really wants to go after another trophyless season, then the more I think about it, an auction between Barcelona and Real Madrid in the Summer would be fantastic. Cesc has given excellent service to the club, we should keep our best players, but if all else fails, we are now able to provide a replacement from within.
This has to go to Harry Redknapp who continues to have a dig at Arsenal by suggesting that they are out of the title race and that Spurs will break into the top four. After losing a two nil lead to Everton at the weekend, perhaps now they will be a little more respectful with regard to their North London rivals.

He’s got a twitch.. He’s got a Twitch… Ol Arry Rednapp’s got a twitch!

How he got it we don’t know, how he does it we don’t care, all we know is Arry’s got a twitch…!

(To the tune We’re on our way… we’re on our way)


or how about…

Who put the ball in Tottenham’s net Arfa… Arfa

Who put the ball in Tottenham’s net Arfa f*cking Europe,

Arfa F*cking Europe, Arfa f*cking Europe

Who put the ball in Tottenham’s net Arfa f*cking Europe

( to the tune of Camptown ladies sing dis song)

Whilst I am in the mood for singing and as finally we approach Yuletide, how about a Christmas song to celebrate and give thanks for our glorious team. Sung to the tune made famous by Roy Wood and Wizzard this is something that I composed recently…

Well I wish I could see Arsenal, every day…

When the goals are coming and the team begins to pla-aaay…


Well I wish I could see Arsenal, Every da-aay

Let everyone, sing out for Arsenal…..



Have a good weekend and lets beat the scousers on Sunday 3-1

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