TGIF: We are closer to Champions league status!!!

PGL: What a difference a mid-week fixture makes! We’re three points behind Villa after scoring three against WBA and with news that Theo and Eddie are close to a come back, there has been a subtle nudge towards greater optimism for the rest of our season.
One thing this season is doing very successfully is polarising us Gooners. Many say the fans who back the manager fully are blind and foolish, those who critique the team are accused of being disloyal or being glory hunters. Lets be clear Insiders, its not that black and white, the truth is both sides have valid points, its time we all accepted that and stay united as a fan base. Division in our support will achieve nothing… Both sides voice you opinions by all means, but do so with the knowledge that WE ALL FOLLOW THE ARSENAL. That means we stand, fight, win and lose together.
PGL: I guess the big issue is that we are now within three points of Villa. They appear to be having the kind of dip we all wished they’d have. Small squads suffer in the last ten games of a season. Our squad has been thin all year because of injuries but with key players coming back from the treatment table I think we can still turn an average season into a good one. All that said if you offered me fourth spot right now I’d grab it. A CL or FA win would be delicious but our club needs to be football’s top table next season, so the chase for fourth is now all important. I think, long term, we’ll all look back on this season as a brick in the wall of future success.
Super Nicklas Bendtner was the cry from the amazing travelling Gooners. Hats off to anyone who attended, you made the hair on the back of my neck on more than one occasion. Hearing Rocky’s song blaring through my TV speakers, sung with real passion, was the highlight of the night for me…
FTK: Who would have thought it eh? One day we had so called loyal die hard Gooners queueing up to call for Wenger’s head and lamenting the loss of their club, and then lo and behold Aston Villa who have not been in such a high league position for some time, succumb to the nerves of the occasion. I can honestly say that this time there will be no excuse with ten games to go. We can and will make the 4th place and then next season we should kick on to Glory. I am convinced that we will win something this season. I would love it to be the Champions league as Arsene Wenger and the Club deserve it!
PGL: Vic’s Article “Phew – A win at last” was a real barometer for how we are feeling as a group of fans. Many happy with Bendy’s performance, many pointing to the fact it was against the bottom side. Yes it was against a poor WBA side but we badly needed to score and get three points and one win will bring another. Although the Cup will be a good chance to bring back in Theo and Eddie under a little less pressure, it’s a shame that it’s not another premiership game. We would have had a chance to build on the momentum from Tuesday.
As Vic pointed out demand for tickets for Burnley has been low as people are beginning to feel the pinch of the financial climate, that said, away allocations are still selling like hotcakes. I wonder have us Gooners fallen out of love with the Cup?
FTK: I feel sorry for many Gooners in fact, as they are only trying to express their frustration with the ridiculous roller coaster of a season. I have acknowledged in several blogs that Arsene Wenger is responsible for their pain this season because of his misplaced faith in certain lazy players. But when you consider the financial contraints that Arsene has to deal with, can you honestly say that you would want to get rid of him? After all, anyone else coming in to our club would have to try and keep the likes of Fabregas and Jack Wilshere who would almost certainly leave the club should Arsene Wenger go. The result against West Brom enabled us to see the potential of Niklas Bendtner, and I now want him to humiliate me completely by scoring the kind of goals that will win us some silverware. I am more than happy to be made to look a fool, if that means our beloved Arsenal team returns to top form.

“I didn’t feel this year that performance-wise there was a gap between Man Utd and the rest but suddenly we are there so we have to consider that in points there is one.”
“But they never won by three or four like they did in some periods but they are always consistent and manage to win 1-0 where the other teams make a draw. They have the strongest squad certainly.”

FTK: I found this comment an expression of frustration on behalf of Arsene Wenger. Why is it that Manchester United can deliver a result when the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and ourselves cannot, is largely down to desire. Whether by fair means of foul, they push the limits of what they are allowed. Referees do not send off Rooney for his outrageous tackles and his foul mouth. SAF gets the rub of the green with disrepute charges at the FA, and often the sides playing Man Utd are reduced to ten men because of Ronaldo’s diving. For there not to have been a penalty awarded at Old Trafford for five seasons suggests that the mind games of SAF have finally worked. But why bemoan the gap? If we want to win something this season, then we will certainly have to beat Man Utd at some stage in order to get it. It will not help the players if they think that their manager has conceded all to SAF all ready. Perhaps this is Arsene Wenger employing his own reverse psychology in a manner that is better than the old Kevin Keegan wide eyed rant of old
“I’d love it if we beat them, really love it…”
PGL: This is one statement I can’t agree with Mr. W. United, it sickens me to say it, have a back four that are the envy of world football (much like ours famous four were), they have a wealth of youth, talent and experience from back to front, top that off with Ronaldo and Rooney and you’d have to say they are worth their 7 point lead, which could be 10 with their game in hand. But fear not insiders, add one or two in the summer and a bit of luck with injuries and I think we’ll push them every inch of the way next season.
FTK: This week goes to Islington Borough Council planning committee for granting permission for the final phase of development of the Queensland Road site. Now Arsenal Football Club needs to open an auction and sell the site to the highest developer rather than trying to manage it within the estates division of the club. We are after all a football club, not a building company. Lets get the money in and let someone else take the risks!
PGL: I’m giving out three this week. One: The Big Danish Ham, Bendy. Well taken goals and an all round decent performance (but the lad but he still makes me come out in a rash!). Two: the Arsenal Youth who spanked the Totts last night! Three: Our amazing fans at the WBA game. I’ve never regretted not going to a game so much. Awesome.
PGL: Stan f%*king Collymore. He’s been writing us and our manager off for the last few weeks. Never has an ex-pros comments about our side annoyed me so much. The chap needs to be slapped around the head with a wet trout.
FTK: I give the Friday finger to Cashley Cole who continues to act like a spoiled child. His picture of him being in handcuffs would have been better had he also been sporting a pink Tutu as well. Give us all a laugh Cashley Cole and get yourself into really serious trouble which will mean the end of your career. Do I sound bitter?  Probably… Do I hate Cashley Cole? DEFINITELY….lol
FTK: The fantastic  Arsenal Away Supporters… again they make me proud to be a GOONER. OO, TO… OO, TO BE, OO TO BE A GOONER!!!!
PGL: I’m thankful for a win. Thankful for three points. Thankful that City beat Villa. Thankful that Theo’s coming back. Thankful that Cesc, Eddie and Tommy are on the way too! Thankful that We take a 1-0 lead to Roma. Thank that in JD we have solid back up for Kolo and Gallas. Thankful despite the draws we still have the European places in our sites. Thankful that we have a chance to get revenge on Burnley… There’s a lot to be thankful for, don’t forget it!
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Thank Gooner it’s Friday.

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