TGIF: Wenger has a go back, but was it fair???

PGL: Well it’s been a wretched week to be a Gooner. Chelsea put the final nail in the coffin of our season. Any chance of finishing 3rd and maintaining our unbeaten run were both emphatically ended by a team who showed us a killer instinct that we so desperately lack. AW again started with a formation that looked like Dale Winton had selected it some sort of lottery draw. Cesc started the season tired from European exploits, got made captain, got injured, and now is repeatedly being played out of position. He must be feeling the effects of our rollercoaster season almost as us much as us poor fans.
It seems a strange request, considering that we are all so down, but have a read through and lodge your nominations for our ‘TGIF End of Season Awards’. There were some great memories made during this season, hopefully next season the lessons learned along the way can translate into trophies.
PGL: The neck of our French General has never been as exposed to the threat of the guillotine in all his time at the club. The last two defeats have hurt us all but I for one am willing to allow Wenger’s current crop and the manager himself more time, but the infinite patience that AW’s successes granted him, is ebbing away. Just take the example of last night’s Shareholder meeting for instance. Clearly there is much dissent in the camp according to Vic Crescit.
The Shareholders clearly are impatient and want an injection of new blood. However, looking at the price-tags being trotted out by some clubs already makes me wonder how we can possibly afford two or three world class players. Selling Ade is the way many of us think other moves should be financed, and I wouldn’t be against that BUT I don’t think he’ll going anywhere this summer. Last summer we lost too many big personalities, Flamini, Lehmann, Gilberto, Hleb… It was too much to absorb IMO. If we lose 2 or 3 established players again this summer, we will go no closer to the summit of the Premiership. Without consistency the squad has no soul, no character, in battle we are easily divided.
FTK: Yes PGL, that shareholder meeting revealed that Arsene Wenger is fed up to his back teeth with the moans of over expectation. Why does he have to persistently point out that Arsenal are one of the elite group that have regularly played in the Champions League over the past 11 years.
By Vic Crescit’s account he seemed actually to be irritated and perhaps even wanted people to stop complaining. All of this really does indicate that Arsene Wenger is  human being dealing with a highly complex football club. He points out that all other clubs who have built new stadia, have suffered as a result of the financial constraints, but only Arsenal has retained it’s position relative to the other big teams.
I am now going to repeat my prediction that I made last summer, that this season 2009/10 will be Arsene Wenger’s last full season at Arsenal Football Club. He has never been one to renege upon a contract, but he is a proud man. I believe that he will walk away from our club when his contract runs down in June 2011. He will not tolerate the betrayal currently being voiced by so many impatient fans. I use the word betrayal on purpose. Yes it is disappointing to be 18 points behind Manchester United, and yes it is disappointing to have not won a trophy in 4 seasons; further I would agree that Yes, it is annoying to see players who should know better, fail to make an effort because they are overpaid. But remember this…
Every Arsenal Fan must agree that over these 12 years we have seen the most exciting football played by Arsene Wenger’s teams. He owes us nothing, but he has ensured that his legacy will take the form of a state of the art training ground, a marvellous stadium which should be renamed “The Arsene Wenger” Stadium.
The Board are desperate to sign him up for another three year extension, however the treatment of Arsene Wenger by our angry fans will probably lead to him refusing that option. Yet this is precisely the time that we need Arsene Wenger. To bring on the current immensely talented youth. I see these players as being our equivalent of the “Busby Babes”
Imagine a team with Carlos Vela, Jack Wilshere, Jay Emmanuel -Thomas, Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott at it’s spearhead. There will be a return to the good times on several fronts. When the debt on the stadium reduces and the estates bring in some profit, we will have probably 50 million to spend each season, imagine that?
The kind of spoilt impatient tantrums currently being experienced are like the owners of a brand new house being built who are complaining about the time taken to put up the walls, because the builder wants to dig and secure a proper set of foundations.
PGL: There has been a lot of disloyalty charges put in front of questioning members of the Gooner Faithful over the last few weeks when questions have been raised about the current state of things. The Shareholders meeting is being reported in the media today as Wenger having a go at negative fans. Well It’s not something that we really need to go into now after what you have just said as I am sure our Insiders will continue that debate but all I’ll say is that any Gooner who talks PASSIONATELY about the rights or wrongs of the team are ok by PGL. Being a fan provokes over-the-top reactions, from both sides of any argument… So I hear what you say FTK, but try to be a little more tolerant of those Gooners who are just very disappointed as well as loyal!
Now, it would be also remiss of me not to comment on the continued power struggle happen at board level. What is worrying are the things that Usmanov is saying in the papers… Stephen Perry is making similar public waves, when these sorts of business men start talking it usually has some sort of strategic reasoning behind it. My guess (and I’m sure the much more informed FTK and Vic Cresit may offer more informed opinion on this) is that they are trying to create an air of uncertainty that will allow them to forward there own causes.
Perry talks a good game. He say’s he believes in the multi-owner model, and that is great, but I’ll be reserving judgement until he really shows his cards.
FTK: PGL, coming back to the first part of your comment, my rant has clearly touched a raw nerve. Please, can you and all other Gooners reading this understand that I am not referring to the kind of constructive criticism that we indulge in on the site. Arsene Wenger himself has admitted that he has made mistakes. I even called for him to apologise for the fans having to suffer repeated humiliations at the hands of the scum and others. The fans that were the target of my ire are those who are so disrespectful that even you would shrink from supporting their case. The obscenities and rubbish written and spoken was just awful, the fact that one fan on here said that he deserved to be shot, is bordering on absolute lunacy. What comes next? Actual Death threats???
No manager of Arsenal Football club deserves to be treated in this manner. We can have our differences, but when those fans desert the stadium early or boo the players, they frankly deserve all of my anger, because as Wenger says, try supporting your team, instead of making the atmosphere so negative. Good football will come out of a positive encouraging fanbase, rather than from the negative hostility displayed by some.
On your last point, yes I did some research on Steve Perry. I am not sure tha t he was anything other than a means of the Carr family to realise a sale quickly, by having him named as a potential buyer. If he is so keen to create the multiowner model, then logically we can expect him to make a bid for Lady Nina’s shares. However I have a sneaking suspicion that we won’t see that bid arrive anytime soon. Stanley Kroenke mate…I think that you have been had!
“Certainly we will try to strengthen the squad in the summer,” said Wenger, who side lost 4-1 to Chelsea on Sunday. “We’ll look to sign one or two players. We are prepared to spend the necessary money to get the players we want.”
PGL: The words we all wanted to hear, but somewhere in the back of my mind I remember similar declarations being made last season and it took until January before we signed a player with both class and experience. One thing I am sure of is that Wengers next moves must be some of his greatest.
FTK: If the Arshavin transfer is anything to go by, then two more signings will be all that we require. There is talk of Hangerland or Gary Cahill of Bolton Wanderers, both no nonsense defenders. Bring back Martin Keown as defensive coach, and we should again see success beginning at the back!
For the defensive midfielder, I would love Yaya Toure of Barcelona, or Cana of Marseilles, whoever I cannot see Marseilles selling their player if they go onto to win the French Liga over Bordeaux.
PGL: For the second week in a row (first time this season) the Dane gets it for me. Bendy is a player that I have had major misgivings about, particularly as I stood and watched him miss 4 clear cut chances on a freezing cold night in Burnley. But his work rate in the second half of the season has been truly a breath of fresh air. My other performance of the week goes to Arsenal Ladies who stole a tile from under the noses of some Merseysiders on the last day of the season… sound familiar?
FTK: The Arsenal Ladies have to be congratulated along with Vic Akers for maintaining the best of Arsenal football club. However my Performance of the week goes to Ivan Gazidis for his slick presentation of himself at the AST meeting earlier this week. If he can deliver what he says, then we are in for a return of the best of the Arsene Wenger years.
PGL: This week I’m giving the finger to all those insane Spuds who are yet again talking up their chances of being top four next season. I’m sick of hearing it already. This time every season they start to believe they will talk our spot in the Champions League. Will the Totts ever grow up? Your ‘avin a laugh ‘Arry.
FTK: My Friday finger is worn out after it’s frantic activity last week. I am going to do a first… I am giving the Friday Finger IN ADVANCE to any celebrations likely to be held at Old Trafford tomorrow if we draw with them, or worst still lose. A big naughty finger to Man U, cos I hate ‘em!
PGL: Well this is a tricky one this week. I guess I’m thankful that the last few games will have to make Le Boss address some of the underlying issues in the squad, with the work ‘experience’ already heading that list. I am also thankful that this season we seem to have signed two genuine diamonds in Gazidis and Arshavin. Role on Old Trafford. Lets beat the fu*kers in their backyard!
FTK: I am thankful for Arsenalinsider, a blog for TRUE fans, here we can discuss our differences but still keep the faith in the greatest football club on the planet, THE ARSENAL!

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