Thank Gooner Its Friday: What a start! Long may it continue!

FTK: Welcome to the new season, and here on Arsenalinsider we hope to entertain, inform and most of all hear what YOU have to say from the Goonersphere. What ever your culture, where ever you live, please feel free to shares your views with fellow Gooners. This site is YOUR site and it can only be what you make it. I aim to be all inclusive, sometimes funny, even provocative. We have recruited a wide mix of original writing styles to suit all tastes, but what counts is feedback. Let us know if the changes that I have put in place meet with your approval. Such as the multiple posts for different time zones. Recognition that the Gooner family is worldwide, not just confined to Islington, or the United Kingdom or Europe for that matter. So without further ado. FTK, your host welcomes you to the first TGIF of the new season. Over the coming weeks, TGIF will include other writers, and even PGL who will return after compassionate leave of absence, It was his fantastic vision that created this feature. So I dedicate this first TGIF of 2009/10 to PGL, we are all thinking of you pal…
FTK: Well Gooners, there were in fact two big issues this week, one on and one off the field. The first issue on the field was the Injury jinx that seems to have returned to hit our squad. Why is it exactly that key Arsenal players seem so fragile? International duty accounts for some, but the freak training ground injury of Samir Nasri was rapidly followed by injuries to Johan Djourou out for a month with a knee injury, the predictable Tomas Rosicky with a hamstring, but he can be forgiven as this is to be expected after such a long lay off. Rather more worryingly though, Theo Walcott and a back complaint from International duties, and Fabianski who has had a cartilage operation which rules him out for 2 months and recently before the Celtic game Eduardo suffered a tight groin and was replaced by Jack Wilshere on the bench.
The other notable absentee, but not apparently due to injury is Carlos Vela. Late back from International duty, I hope that he is only being rested. I put this question out to the Gooner world, are we as a club suffering more injuries than our rival clubs? I mean when was the last time Lampard was injured? or Wayne Rooney? happily Steven Gerrard may be big and hard as the scouse song goes, but he does suffer injuries from time to time. the stats seem to suggest that I am being paranoid however. So Pat Rice can continue doing the warm up routines which haven’t changed in over a decade…lol Now whilst Man Utd appear to have injuries which prevent their involvement in International fixtures, the healing warmth of Ferguson’s hair dryer treatment appears to get them better for league fixtures only days later, not that it did them any good at Burnley…hahahahaha! what was the score Fergie? you red nosed twat!
Off the field Arsenal made three major appointments. All seem to have American pedigree, so we know who will be taking over the club then (wink!) But the companies associated with these wise men are known to pay decent salaries in the millions of $, typical CEOs can expect to earn between 2 and 11 Million US$, so expect our wage bill to jump quite alot. In return for these expected big bucks what impact will they have on the club? Well having an in house lawyer should actually be a sensible investment, as top Corporate lawyers can earn upwards of 1000$ per hour. So I will be interested to hear how many hours a week Svenja Geissmar will be working. renegotiating contracts should bring in much needed extra revenues, but I think that Mr Geissmar will be dutifully employed unravelling the old “taking the piss” contracts that are currently in place I hope.
The other execs include Tom Fox who left WMG in 2007, imagine my surprise when I saw Arsenal Legend Lee Dixon’s face on the website of Ram Sport part of WMG! looks as though Mr Fox has good pedigree then having worked for the NBA and Nike whose main interests are errr… Basketball and American Football! Oops?? well at least WMG make claims to have acted on behalf of footballers Andriy Shevchenko and Eddie Johnson of Fulham. Our marketing department does need a big shake up, and I gather they are starting by giving out 60,000 scarves tomorrow at the Pompey game, so get there early in case that old lady three seats away grabs yours for her grandchildren!!! You have been warned. Whilst I can see what Tom Fox and Mr Geissmar will do at the club, can any Insider tell me what  Trevor Saving, Head of People and operations will do? A simple human resource officer for hiring and firing I suppose, but why must he be a SENIOR executive? At least he is a Gooner! So answers on a postcard please….
FTK: Many Insiders were rather worked up over the apparent good start of the boys in Red and White, and there were those who understandably were wishing ill on the club and predicting doom and gloom at Goodison Park because of the lack of player purchases. Well these weak gooners were forced to eat humble pie as the Gunners ripped apart the merseysiders and then promptly went on to resist the green and white army of Scotland three days later. Take the form of Thomas Vermaelen, who so many Insiders barracked for being too small, he showed his Belgian pedigree and yet again it proves what this club receives in return for trusting Arsene Wenger!
There also still seem to be some called Gooners, and I will go so far as to name one, Chief Ade. Who want to continue wishing ill upon our success. This Insider’s aim is to punish us all for ever having bad mouthed Ade-ego-Bayor. Chief Ade is looking forward to the time when Ade will come to the Emirates and kick our butts! Well I feel slightly responsible for causing Chief Ade all that anxst, by being the main Internet Blogger who singled out Adebayor as an ego in an Arsenal shirt with no first touch.
My public reply to Chief Ade, is to go and support Man City for heavens sake, or better still GROW UP!!! When will “fans” of our club realise that you are a supporter in BAD times as well as GOOD. Glory Hunters please note, we WILL win something this season, but we’d rather you still went and supported the Scum down the Lane, who are busily printing t-shirts with the current Premier League table showing the scum in first place. This has been followed by a DVD which runs for 120 minutes with just one still image… of the same league table! but this time, the team’s name is in flashing bold type face. Expect to see an increase in Hospital admissions for painful fingers as the daft Scum supporters develop repetitive strain injury of their index fingers whilst trying to fast forward this still image…
FTK: I cannot recall when o ur glorious manager was ever surprised by events of his own making. But this week on Arsecom he revealed…
“In the last two games Song has played extremely well too. He can win the fight, not only with physical strength but he has that sense to nick the ball from his opponent without giving away the foul. That’s a very interesting quality.”
Song has finally won over the boo boys and one season on, has staked his credentials firmly for occupying the vacancy of Flamini. The only fly in the ointment will be his participation in the African Cup of Nations. Alexandre Song has always been a favourite of mine, and since his loan spell at Charlton, I believe that he has nothing further left to prove. Based on his performances pre-season and against Celtic when will everyone stop saying that we need to sign a DCM? We have have one excellent candidate under our nose, who won’t take up valuable transfer funds, and already knows the system. Song has liberated Cesc Fabregas in very much the same way that Flamini did. So please, lets just buy a striker and Brede Hangerland in the last 24 hrs of the transfer window ok? END OF!
FTK: This has to go to the ARSENAL TEAM as a whole. The work ethic, the passing and the sheer belief in their ability from defence to attack has been amazing. I only hope that we can keep this going. Forget team huddles and silly dances, lets carry on doing the basics well and see what we get in return!!! Well done THE MIGHTY REDS!!!
FTK: It is with some sadness that I have to give the Friday Finger to one of our own. The Arsenal Legend who is Ian Wright. Now Ian Wright is a great character, but his association with Tabloids and Talk Sport has got right up my nose. It was bad enough when he became a columnist with that trashy tabloid called the Sun, I only forgave that because even Thierry Henry turned to the dark side with this red top before he left the club. But what I cannot forgive is the lack of fire in his belly when it comes to defending the honour of the club against pathetic low lifes like one Adrian Durham, whose intention seems to be to say something completely untrue, provocative and manifestly anti Arsenal so as to get loads of telephone calls. Recently doubt was cast upon the intentions of Cesc Fabregas and what did our Ian Wright do? He provided balance… Well he soon got attacked by one Gooner on the airwaves who accused Ian Wright of no longer being an Arsenal Supporter, which really upset him I have to say.
Well Ian my friend, I will not go so far as to accuse you of not being a Gooner, but I do believe that you have joined the long rank of ex Gunners who are happy to provide balance by not attacking instances of blatantly unfair anti-Arsenal rhetoric on a broadcast with the ferocity of a rabid Rottweiler. I am utterly sick of these traitors to the cause and I wish a plague on their houses. Ian, I wrote letters to the FA in your defence when they wanted to ban you for 10 games after your two footed lunge at Peter Schmeichel, but I cannot stomach your inability to see through the Tabloid Media’s agenda to diss our Captain. Yes one day Fabregas will leave the Arsenal for Barcelona, but whilst he states on our official website that he intends staying this season, please have the graciousness to believe him…
FTK: Easy peasy this week! I want to be thankful for our inspirational leader Arsene Wenger, who by this time next week will be plotting the downfall of Manchester United at Old Trafford hopefully following our expected dispatching of Celtic from the Champions League. I will not be around to blog about that, but hopefully next Friday, one of our willing and able contributors will stand in for me!
I hope that you enjoyed this first TGIF of the new season, I promise to read all of your comments and will post replies much later this afternoon. Enjoy the game on Saturday, and please KEEP THE FAITH! This season is going to be special, I said this before it started and I am even more convinced after just two games, with Liverpool and Man Utd both dropping points. Please support YOUR club loudly and positively. If you have any thing negative to say, don’t moan and groan in the stadium, or on Talkshite Sports after the game, be a courageous Gooner and have it out with fellow supporters on these columns. Lets have our public face united for a change eh?
Have a good week and I shall be back in September!

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