Henry Norris is the squiffy old grunt of a football correspondent for the Bugle newspaper and an ardent Arsenal supporter to boot. Each week he’ll join us here at arsenalinsider.com to bring you his forthright views on all Gooner matters…please be advised, he hits the bottle early!
Tee Hee FC
What an absolute shower of shambolic shite that lot down the road are, eh? I mean, come on, which other two-bob dunderheads would have celebrated in the fashion they did just to secure fourth spot and a place in the Champions League qualifiers? Be honest they will hardly be a shining light in the tournament and can you imagine the sheer look of horror on the faces of fans and players of opponents who have to travel to Shite Hart Lane — what a shit-heap it is.
Leeds, yes Leeds from League 1, have had a bigger home attendance than Harold Redface’s pathetic mob this season. They are a joke and I call them Tee Hee FC because of it. The ground should be closed immediately on grounds of taste alone. We must hope that football is the winner and that they go out in convincing style in the qualifiers. Bring a DVD out of that you whining, squealing imbeciles!
A fishy tale…
Bumped into Sammy Nelson and Steve Williams at swanky new West End eatery Valentino’s last night at its opening. The place belongs to former Arsenal star John Kosmina. Over drinks before dinner, Sammy told me he now runs a fish stall in Southend and is ‘doing very nicely, too, thank you very much’. Steve, meanwhile, works on the gate at Marwell Zoo and tells me he is ‘enjoying life to the full’. Nice to see the chaps are doing so well. Up the (ex) Gunners!
Choo the cud…
Talking of former Arsenal players, a little bird (not Senga, my ample-chested secretary for she is anything but little if you know what I mean!) told me that Pal Lydersen has teamed up with John Jensen in a new business venture running a miniature railway on Bognor Regis seafront. The pair have bedecked their little rattler with red and white bunting and the driver has a cap with the words ‘on track with the Arsenal’ on it. Fair play, lads. Choo, choo to you too.

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