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Hic! Henry Norris is the rather squiffy football correspondent of the Bugle newspaper and an ardent Arsenal supporter to boot. Each week he’ll join us here at arsenalinsider.com to bring you his forthright views on all things AFC…please be advised, he hits the bottle early!
Media blackout ‘n tonic…
I have decreed a self-imposed media blackout on myself this morning and, do you know, I can’t for the Dickens remember why. All I remember is that I was girding my loins for the football game between the Royal Arsenal and the Enfield Scrotes and, bejesus, I must have slipped in to a gin-induced coma. So, I have no idea about scores or anything like that and I think it’s best that remains the case.
So, I am looking forward to match at Wigan with an extra keenness not felt since Senga, my rather busty secretary, came in one summer’s day last year with a see-through dress on and no bra. Oh the undiluted joy. I bumped into Davor Suker on Monday in William Hill just off Oxford Street and he tells me he is considering a takleover bid for Leyton Orient.
We discussed the chances of Arsene Wenger bringing the Royal ASrsenal down for a pre-season friendly and I mentioned that I know the Royal Arsenal manager and would give him a call to arrange. I don’t and I won’t. not that I didn’t enjoy Davor’s spell at Highbury. Yes, dear reader, gin had been taken rather early that day. Ho hum.
What an anchor…
Had lunch with Piers Morgan on Monday and found him to be perfectly charming. Of course, he is a huge fan of the Royal Arsenal and he tells me that back in the day he used to run with the Herd. Apparently, Piers was known back then as ‘No-nonsense Morgan’ and was always first in the charge when a rival mob of hooligans were spotted.
Odd isn’t it? When ever I see him on TV these days (and I have to say that is rather too often in my humble opinion, even though he is a Gunners egg) he comes across as a very smarmy, urbane and very confident type of chap…he assures me thing were very different in the mid-Eighties. He remembers one altercation with Cockney Reds at Euston station particularly fondly and to my astonishment recounted a tale of legging Sky News anchor Eamon Holmes and a few other Mancs all over the place too. More of that in my book old chums!
We’re the posh seats…
News reaches me the hierarchy at the Royal Arsenal, have, in their wisdom, decided to revert back to the good old-fashioned stand names we enjoyed back in the days of watching the glorious Gunners at Higbhury.
From next season, instead of these confounded quadrant things we have to go by at present, we’ll take our seats in the North Bank, Clock End, East and West Stands…or at least you lot, the great unwashed will. Me? Why I’ll be lording it with the prawn sarnie brigade, swilling fine champagne and generally playing up to the bon viveur image I rightly deserve. Pip pip…

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