Arsenal lose three Premier League matches in a row

For the first time in five years we have now lost three Premiership matches in a row.

Three loses in a row

I am starting this story now Tuesday evening the 17th where the thoughts of last nights radio conversation on Talksports Drivetime between Adrian Durham and Ray Parlour are still fresh in my mind.

The radio show host was inviting Gooners to call in, and say whether Wenger should stay or go. He himself was of the opinion that Arsene Wenger used to be a good manager, but had lost the plot, and so it was time for him to go.

Ray on the other hand was the complete opposite, singing Wenger’s praises, and saying what a brilliant manager he was.

Now you have to respect Ray’s opinion as at least he has played for the man so must know what he is talking about.

In fact the only thing they could both agree on,  was that they were taken apart by a team of relative newcomers who were put together with what Wayne Rooney earns in five months.

Not to take anything away from Swansea, they beat Arsenal by playing the kind of football that Arsenal profess to play.

Every one of the callers to a man was of the opinion that Wenger should call it a day citing his transfer dealings, and what should be the best team in the country failing to win any thing in the last six years.

Only one caller said perhaps it was not Wenger’s fault, and that maybe there is no money available to buy fresh talent.

Perhaps Wenger has been told by the board if you want new player’s you have to first sell what you don’t want.

If this is the case I think Wenger owes it to the fans to tell them the truth, even if it was to mean him getting sacked.

You must remember,  these American owners we have are only interested in one thing, and that is the bottom line. To them Arsenal Football Club is a business, they could not care less if we ever won anything. Even Stan Kroenke said last October.

“I have friends who are owners in the leagues in the US who have never won a trophy and they have been in it for 30 or 40 years. We have been fortunate to win a few”.

It is precisely for this reason they will stick with Wenger.  He does as he is told, and he loves statistics, just like the Americans.
Ray Parlour commented that back in his day if the team lost they were all gutted, and would feel terrible about it all week. Nowadays it seems like it’s all forgotten about once the final whistle blows.
It is now Friday, and I have been waking up everyday ready to hear that Arsenal have signed,  well anyone to be honest.

Even if they were desperate for a defender they could have got the Nigerian left-back Taye Taiwo from AC Milan on loan for six months, instead they let the new QPR manager Mark Hughes sign him.

All the Arsenal fans are worried that Man United are going to embarrass us again, except this time at home.

All the professional pundits are saying that United are coming to the Emirates looking for a draw, or to sneak a win by one goal.

I think they could very well be right after last weeks performance the Arsenal players are going to be defending because going forward will open up the field, and allow United to slice us apart like Swansea did.

It is now Saturday, and I can not believe the results. Arsenal could not have asked for anything better, except perhaps Chelsea losing instead of drawing.

The Liverpool result is almost a mirror image of how we played last week against Swansea, and even Reds manager Kenny Dalglish who is one of his players staunchest supporters ripped into his squd saying.

“If they think they can turn the clock on and off, they will not be turning it on and off at this club,” he added.

“If it is a one-off, fine, but if it is going to be repeated then there will not be too many repeating their appearances in a red shirt because we won’t stand for that.

“Respect is a huge part of being a successful club and if they do not have that respect for other teams and, most importantly, this club, they are in a bit of trouble.”

I can echo these words for our club also.

Every Arsenal player needs to give 100% when they step onto the pitch, and if they are not prepared to do that we do not want them playing for us.

I’ve just finished watching the Spurs v City game, and if there was ever a need for video replays this match was one.

I know that the F.A. will review the match and give both Lescott, and Balotelli a fine, and a suspension for a few matches, but in my opinion they should have both been sent off.
I know the Ref did not see the incidents, but the millions of people watching on television certainly did.
One hour to go before kick off, and I am feeling nervous already. Let’s hope our Boys show up today, and make amends for the last time they played each other.

Halftime now at the Emirates and we are 1-0 down, and lucky it is not more than that. Nani has just been cutting us apart on the left wing.

A few bright spells from Oxlade-Chamberlin, and Rosicky has show up for this game putting some work in.

As for the goal Vermaelen that was your ball what are you doing?????

We need to do something in the second half or it is going to get worse. Man United look like they are playing a home game, not an away game to the mighty Arsenal.

The second half was better and after Robin van Persie goal we were right back in it, but after the second goal by Welbeck it was all over.

When Wenger took off Oxlade-Chamberlin the fans started chanting “You don’t know what you’re doing” and buy the look on Arshavin’s face it could not have made him feel very welcome.

So there we are another loss, and all Wenger can say about it is;

“It is a big setback, but we must take the positives from the game, overall it is very disappointing”

When asked about the substitution of Oxlade-Chamberlin, Wenger replied;

“I have been in football management for 30 years, and I have made 50,000 substitutions”

What do you the Arsenal faithful think?

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  1. Wenger’s signed his own epitaph today.


  2. Wenger in the past has been compared to a Sherlock Holmes or Doctor type character 20 steps a head of everybody else. At this moment in time he is looking like a very famous French clueless detective. Now he has a week to put things right and brings in some quality signings and returns to the great man he once was or he sadly and tearfully falls from grace in disgrace and pressure from fans makes the board react. Will he see sense put his ego aside and sacrifice the European Cup for the more likely FA Cup glory or will he keep going down this path of self destruction and obsession with winning the European Cup. Which does put our league status under threat at this moment in time.

    It’s is make or break time for Arsene Wenger as the atmosphere around the club after the League Cup Final last season has been one of turmoil. I look at the European Cup this season as a massive distraction and not the adventure as it should be and this due to obsession Wenger has with it. Since defeat in the final in 2006 instead of it being the start of a golden period. It has been a curse around the club. Wenger obsession with has seen him forget about keeping the winning mentality around the club. 2007 league cup final, not starting with Lehmann, Adebayor or Henry. 2008 giving Gallas the captaincy and not sacking him after the incident against Birmingham. 2009 FA Cup Semi-Final not starting Almunia, RVP & Diaby. 2011 the League Cup Final, the focus was too much on Barcelona rather then winning a major trophy and that showed in the performance. Which eventually culminated in us collapsing and losing the Premier League table.

    Currently the transfer policy has been more reactive then proactive. Especially this summer and that really needs to be looked at and too worry for Arsenal fans because a change of manager may not have much effect at Arsenal.

    Wenger has both been unlucky in terms of major decisions and injuries but  again all clubs get them. Some players need to be loaned out to other Premier League clubs which we have not taken advantage of over the years (Vela, Bendtner, Senderos & Fabianski, where as Ferguson at Old Trafford has mastered both loaning young players at other Premier League clubs and treats every cup with the respect it deserves. Ferguson has shown his ability to move with the times, where as Wenger once the progressive manager in the Premier League has been stuck in a rut due to his own ego.

    Comments recently have angered and upset most Arsenal fans who still believed in the great man and have been used as ammunition by his critics. Especially the one at the start of the season proclaiming that Arsenal will win the league this season because it our destiny. There is no destiny in football Arsene, it is about hard work and hunger. 

  3. All the crticism towards wenger is misdirected. It should be directed towards Nasri- or at least the owners of man city. Ultimately the manager gets blamed for 3 straight defeats but i cant see us breaking down like we did against swansea, fulham, had nasri been playing for us.
    After all, Wenger had moulded the team around Nasri with the planned departure of fab- i cant say how much that player has single handedly ruined our season.

    One more point is wenger made the point a week ago that players have too much power- nasri, flamini, hleb, fabgas, clichy- these are the people who have ruined arsenal- not wenger  

    • Add Van Persie and other players for next season (failure).
      I thought its only Wenger who prepares post-match script (excuses) before the match, but his supporters prepare post-season script before the season ends. 
      well done

  4. graemealexander | 22/01/2012 at 22:30 |

    a total mistake in arshavin,he does,nt want to be there,wenger has without doubt lost the crowd and i believe a significant number of the players,we do not demonstarte any ambition in the transfer market,we are lost of leader and leadership in the boardroom,our board are completely out of touch with modern policy

  5. Its not too hard…. quite clearly there is a financial burden on the club (we all know this) and wenger and the board has adopted a model of business which ensures financial frugality as well as financial stability (we all know this) 

    He cannot come out and say… ”look guys, theres no money for me to entertain notions of buying the likes of hazard and gotze. Furthermore, i have to sell players every summer to ensure we stay above water, because unlike our rivals we do not have unlimited funds and we live within our means. Will Van Persie stay, i hope so, but its not looking very certain right now” 

    The question should be: Why do you persist with these players when they are clearly useless and whats more how can you say there is no value in the market, when our competitors are buying better than us for less money (or not that much money) and we are overpaying average at best players ? 

    Furthermore, why do we have no plan… what exactly is our game plan… pass around and see what happens. If it goes wrong we just fall to pieces. 

    • Have you read the clubs financial reports over the past 3 or 4 years?

      I have and also the AST do reports on them yearly. They conclude that there was at least £50 million available to spend on transfer fees last summer (before the sales of Cesc and Nasri).

      We aren’t living within our means, we are doing much more than that. The board have been building up huge and unnecessary cash reserves in order to increase the share price. Kroenke is continuing with this program.

      also have a look at this.

      You telling me that Arsenal football club who are one of europes elite richest clubs with CL revenue every year for 14? years has less money than Blackburn, Wigan, everton etc. because that’s what the transfer fees would indicate

  6. If we win the FA Cup, RVP will stay. That is more likely than, if we finish in the top 4 again because at the end of the day it is a trophy. Unlike the rest RVP is a Arsenal fan but is 30 and it is his last contract. If RVP starts making rumblings that he is unhappy then Wenger has to consider his future because as I stated RVP is a proper Arsenal fan. He is not in football for the money, he is in love with the game, winning trophies and the club.

    Is this Wengers, Eboue moment and some how turn it around but starts next Sunday. We have to play our strongest team and take FA Cup seriously.

  7. A good manager should be able to motivate his team as well as organize it. Sadly, Wenger now does neither. If Rednapp and Spurs have proved anything this season it’s that you don’t have to spend a fortune on players to be successful. Spurs have not broke the bank this season but Rednapp has been able to mould the players he has into a very decent team. Wenger cannot do this. There is so much wrong at the club which I have loved since I was a little boy. From the board to the coaching staff right down to oh so many of the players – we have more dead wood than rotten tree. And, sad though it is for me to say it, I have to include Wenger. He was once a great manager but that has been eroded by the past six lack luster years. And no matter how long he stays that will not change. We live in the here and now and what he achieved In 98, 2002 and 2004 are nothing more than happy memories. The future looks bleak. Things MUST change.

    • it happens to all the greats eventually, you are right, Bill Nicholson went the same way, Arsenal is a football club you support arsenal not wenger

  8. i used to be a big wenger fan, he’s done great things for the club but now he’s totally lost it. van persie and everyone else in the stadium could see it was a mistake to take off oxlade-chamberlin, never mind to bring on a muppet like arshavin (who was completely responsible for man utds winner). thanks for everything arsene, have a good life – somewhere else!

  9. Ok so correct me if I’m wrong, a young kid fresh, talented and naturally right up the boss licking his boots and grateful for every opportunity as we all are at that age, when interviewed made no reference to being ill in the week and no reference to a calf strain either, now surely he would when questioned have said “The boss was right to take me off i was a bit sore” but no he didn’t he said “the manager is the manger and he knows best ” very strange comment for someone so young to make given his manager not 10 minutes before said he was struggling…think about it !

    • You’re stirring it up again mate.

      • I am not ..a young pro at a club given his chance by Wenger would be fiully supportive of him, so the obvious thing to say when asked about being substituted is to back wenger but he didn’t that is not shit stirring it is a fact, wenger is either lying or Oxo has not been truthful with his boss in being replaced and faked a calf strain you cant have it both ways can you

    • Load of shit Nobsy. He is a young player, at a new club and he is not going to rock the boat. He is very intelligent and he speaks well. I thought it was the wrong decision to bring him off and I still do regardless of what AW says.

      • exactly my point Mashman I agree, perhaps you have misunderstood my point, he wouldn’t have been rocking the boat by backing wenger, but he didn’t ..rocking the boat would have been doing what he did and say nothing..entirely my point !

  10. omg i feel gutted again today,keep telling myself that wenger is the man but yesterdays decision is just to much 4 me,YES its time 4a change now before we end up in nx seasons relegation battle,80% of our team wouldnt get a game at wigan,and as 4 hill-wood,just flog us to someboby who wants the best 4 us coz that aint you

    • Bit dramatic really.

    • hill-wood doesn’t own any shares.

      Him still being chairman of the board is down to the deal that kroenke struck with fiszman to buy his shares.

      Who is on the board is Kroenke’s decision and the rumours are that the board will be shaken up in the summer. Probably with the old guard stepping down (sacked) and Ivan’s new americans such as Fox etc getting their places.

      Also rumours that stan has opened talks with usmanov and he may end up on the board as well.

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