Arsenal lose three Premier League matches in a row

For the first time in five years we have now lost three Premiership matches in a row.

I am starting this story now Tuesday evening the 17th where the thoughts of last nights radio conversation on Talksports Drivetime between Adrian Durham and Ray Parlour are still fresh in my mind.
The radio show host was inviting Gooners to call in, and say whether Wenger should stay or go. He himself was of the opinion that Arsene Wenger used to be a good manager, but had lost the plot, and so it was time for him to go.
Ray on the other hand was the complete opposite, singing Wenger’s praises, and saying what a brilliant manager he was.
Now you have to respect Ray’s opinion as at least he has played for the man so must know what he is talking about.
In fact the only thing they could both agree on,  was that they were taken apart by a team of relative newcomers who were put together with what Wayne Rooney earns in five months.
Not to take anything away from Swansea, they beat Arsenal by playing the kind of football that Arsenal profess to play.
Every one of the callers to a man was of the opinion that Wenger should call it a day citing his transfer dealings, and what should be the best team in the country failing to win any thing in the last six years.
Only one caller said perhaps it was not Wenger’s fault, and that maybe there is no money available to buy fresh talent.
Perhaps Wenger has been told by the board if you want new player’s you have to first sell what you don’t want.
If this is the case I think Wenger owes it to the fans to tell them the truth, even if it was to mean him getting sacked.
You must remember,  these American owners we have are only interested in one thing, and that is the bottom line. To them Arsenal Football Club is a business, they could not care less if we ever won anything. Even Stan Kroenke said last October.
“I have friends who are owners in the leagues in the US who have never won a trophy and they have been in it for 30 or 40 years. We have been fortunate to win a few”.
It is precisely for this reason they will stick with Wenger.  He does as he is told, and he loves statistics, just like the Americans.
Ray Parlour commented that back in his day if the team lost they were all gutted, and would feel terrible about it all week. Nowadays it seems like it’s all forgotten about once the final whistle blows.
It is now Friday, and I have been waking up everyday ready to hear that Arsenal have signed,  well anyone to be honest.
Even if they were desperate for a defender they could have got the Nigerian left-back Taye Taiwo from AC Milan on loan for six months, instead they let the new QPR manager Mark Hughes sign him.
All the Arsenal fans are worried that Man United are going to embarrass us again, except this time at home.
All the professional pundits are saying that United are coming to the Emirates looking for a draw, or to sneak a win by one goal.
I think they could very well be right after last weeks performance the Arsenal players are going to be defending because going forward will open up the field, and allow United to slice us apart like Swansea did.
It is now Saturday, and I can not believe the results. Arsenal could not have asked for anything better, except perhaps Chelsea losing instead of drawing.
The Liverpool result is almost a mirror image of how we played last week against Swansea, and even Reds manager Kenny Dalglish who is one of his players staunchest supporters ripped into his squd saying.
“If they think they can turn the clock on and off, they will not be turning it on and off at this club,” he added.
“If it is a one-off, fine, but if it is going to be repeated then there will not be too many repeating their appearances in a red shirt because we won’t stand for that.
“Respect is a huge part of being a successful club and if they do not have that respect for other teams and, most importantly, this club, they are in a bit of trouble.”
I can echo these words for our club also.
Every Arsenal player needs to give 100% when they step onto the pitch, and if they are not prepared to do that we do not want them playing for us.
I’ve just finished watching the Spurs v City game, and if there was ever a need for video replays this match was one.
I know that the F.A. will review the match and give both Lescott, and Balotelli a fine, and a suspension for a few matches, but in my opinion they should have both been sent off.
I know the Ref did not see the incidents, but the millions of people watching on television certainly did.
One hour to go before kick off, and I am feeling nervous already. Let’s hope our Boys show up today, and make amends for the last time they played each other.
Halftime now at the Emirates and we are 1-0 down, and lucky it is not more than that. Nani has just been cutting us apart on the left wing.
A few bright spells from Oxlade-Chamberlin, and Rosicky has show up for this game putting some work in.
As for the goal Vermaelen that was your ball what are you doing?????
We need to do something in the second half or it is going to get worse. Man United look like they are playing a home game, not an away game to the mighty Arsenal.
The second half was better and after Robin van Persie goal we were right back in it, but after the second goal by Welbeck it was all over.
When Wenger took off Oxlade-Chamberlin the fans started chanting “You don’t know what you’re doing” and buy the look on Arshavin’s face it could not have made him feel very welcome.
So there we are another loss, and all Wenger can say about it is;
“It is a big setback, but we must take the positives from the game, overall it is very disappointing”
When asked about the substitution of Oxlade-Chamberlin, Wenger replied;
“I have been in football management for 30 years, and I have made 50,000 substitutions”
What do you the Arsenal faithful think?

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