Kroenke jets in to sort out Farebgas saga

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Arsenal majority shareholder Stan Kroenke is in London today in an attempt to finally sort out the Cesc Fabregas transfer saga.  The mail reports that Kroenke came to  the capital to attend the members day at the Emirates. But, says the paper, more importantly the American tycoon hopes his trip to England will resolve the long-running uncertainty over Fabregas’ protracted switch to Barcelona.  Kroenke led high-level talks, which also included chief executive Ivan Gazidis. They discussed Barca’s latest offer of £35million – though £5million of that fee would be made up of add-ons and incentive based payments, it is claimed.

Today’s Sun claims that Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott could miss the start of the season. Both have ankle problems and will miss Arsenal’s final pre-season friendly against Benfica in Lisbon tomorrow. And they face a race against time to be fit for the opening Premier League clash at Newcastle on Saturday week.

Back in the Mail and it is claimed that discussions with Everton over an improved £15million offer for Phil Jagielka are in deadlock. We have already had a £12million bid refused but are keen to strike a deal for Jagielka.
Everton want around £18million for Jagielka but it is said we are hesitant to even go as high as £15m given the fact he is 29 this month.

Jagielka is resigned to staying at Goodison Park given our reluctance to pay £15million.

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  1. Arsenal will never get any players as we never pay the full price for a player. We always try to get them on a cheap, im so sick and tired of it all…just increase the ticket prize with 6.5% and we already got the highest prices in Europe. Milk you fans of every pennie possible…

  2. What happened to “We will be active in the transfer market”… What happened to “We will see a high turnover of players”… What happened to “We wont allow a Flamini type situation to happen again”…. What happened to our great club?
    How do you justify the 6.5% rise in ticket prices? PHW said its because of the increase in VAT, but if my memory serves me correctly, VAT only rose by 2.5%.. so where has this extra 4% come from?

    You tell me??

  3. A club that cant finish off a lead and a club that cant finish a transfer. Why do you think Nasri and Fab wants lo leave?

    Not even Jagielka of Everton wants to join this club, due to its lack of ambition. Wenger is so desperate he even gave the armband to Nasri, what an insult to the fans.
    Would Nasri have a ordinary job he would have been kicked out months ago!! Tired of these moneybound EGOS at our club

  4. Kroenke should do us all a favour and sell the club to the russian when he is here,then we can get back to being run as a football club that has Winning on its agenda.

  5. Barcelona once again are insulting Arsenal they’d been doing this for years and will continue to do it until we make them pay. We’ve had presidents, managers, world-class midfielders and defenders all tapping up Cesc this has been going on for two years. Don’t complain to UEFA don’t complain to the press just get even. This saga has been going on now for so long it’s boring even more boring that we are still writing about it.

    While you can’t leave every bit of information you read on the web for Barcelona put in a transfer request of 30M with 5M of add-ons is insulting, stupid and financially irresponsible. To prove a point to Barcelona. I really don’t mind Cesc skulking around the Emirates for the next year.

    The only good news that the high have read which I hope is true was on Bloomberg which in real money is 40Million.

  6. John in Norfolk | 05/08/2011 at 09:44 |

    I wonder if Stan Kroenke managed to fit in a few minutes to talk with Ivan Gazidis about the Nasri’s contract situation. Did he get an explanation, from our Chief Executive, as to why the contract was allowed to run into it’s final year? Did Gazidis come up with a convincing argument for keeping the want-away player for the coming season and thereby lose the offered £20 million fee?

    We are constantly told that the club must live within it’s means, yet it seems that £20 million can be thrown away almost on a whim yet at the same time the club are willing to haggle over £5 million on the Fabregas deal, a reported £2 million for Jagielka and several other deals that have been lost for relatively minor sums.

    Sell Fabregas for £35 million, Nasri for £20 million and invest the money in at least one centre back, a left back and perhaps Juan Mata.

    Maybe Gazidis should be queuing at the Job Centre right now.

  7. Arsene wenger pls allow fabregas to go,if u dont let him go i doubt his commitment to arsenal in the coming season.

  8. Both of them should go. They destroy the team morale with their lack of loyalty. Of course then we should buy minimum 2 defenders and 2 midfielders. I know I’m dreaming. And why on earth did not they sell the 7 worst players? I guess because they are cr.p for the asking price. I feel sorry for Wenger, but he became a Don Quijote. He should go. The sooner, the better. I’m not ungrateful and I will remember his former achievements. Gazidis is an idiot. I don’t know how an impotent man like that can be in a position like that in our world famous club. Kroenke should fire at least Gazidis now. With these (central) defenders we will blow everything. I still can’t believe that knowing the supporters are so unhappy, they don’t do the right thing. The only thing that consoles me is that I feel we get close to the final chapter of this poor management saga.

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