This might be a good time to play United

I might be clutching at straws a little, but there’s a small amount of evidence to suggest that our best results against Manchester United in recent times come during difficult periods.

Now is certainly one of those periods. After we looked like recovering a season that looked lost as soon as it started, we are now being shown up for our weaknesses again, with the recent defeat to Swansea feeling like another of many ‘final straw’ moments that we’ve experienced in recent seasons; another on the long list of new lows.

But as recently as last season, when we fell apart after the Carling Cup final and lost many games in what was arguably the easiest run-in of the top sides, we still managed a 1-0 win over Fergie’s team, on their way to a record-breaking 19th title. This was one of only two wins in the league following our sad day at Wembley, and it wasn’t representative of the form of either side at the time.

Similarly, back in 08/09, a horrible season for the most part, we’d just drawn 4-4 in that ridiculous game with Spurs and lost 2-1 to newly-promoted Stoke. United on the other hand looked stronger than ever having added £30million Dimitar Berbatov to their star-studded attack of Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez. I remember predicting, for the first time, that United would thrash us 4-0 that day at the Emirates, but they didn’t show up, and two Nasri goals shocked the Champions of both England Europe.

And of course, going back a couple of seasons again to 06/07, we ended a winless start to the season with an excellent 1-0 win at Old Trafford, against a United side who had started well and would go on to win the league that year.

Meanwhile, much stronger Arsenal sides failed to register wins against much weaker United sides between 2002 and 2006, including the Invincibles. And again when we were stronger in 07/08 and 09/10 we ended up on the losing side a few times.

History is perhaps a little meaningless, and can be misleading. For instance, we were awful at the start of this season and got hammered 8-2. Another hiding like that could be just around the corner, but I guess there’s always the hope that, as has happened before, form will go out the window for this fixture and we’ll somehow capitalise on our status as underdogs. Let’s not forget that United have had a LOT of luck against us with refereeing decisions in particular on many occasion. If we raise our game we are capable of causing an upset.

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  1. You lot are like an ugly bird refusing to admit she is a moose, just accept you are a pig and stop dreaming of getting wet in a hotel room one evening.

    • You been on the pop again bigsy?

      • Ignore him, Berg10, he used to be funny, now he’s just boring.

        • Have you read Steven Howard this morning JIN,? word for word what I said yesterday, ok maybe 2 of us are deluded but at least it reassures me there is another one out there, must be tough not knowing what paper to buy as they all slag your club let’s look at the facts, 90% of the media are tearing Wenger to bits, the majority on here are also unhappy with him judging by last weekends comments yet you, berg10 and sometimes mashman think I’m wrong….as Howard said wenger can blame anything but conceding a goal seconds after scoring one is laughable !

          • ps im only boring because you are consistently bad, is that my fault or yours ?

          • arsenalbob | 18/01/2012 at 11:36 |

            Win a league in your lifetime, then come back.

          • I am under no Illusions spurs have been a shit club to follow for 99% of my life, but don’t you dare expect us not to have a giggle when the machine falls by the wayside that has been all owe us that much !

          • JohninNorfolk | 18/01/2012 at 13:20 |


            I’ve never had a problem knowing which newspaper to buy, I’ve bought the same one for over forty years, I don’t buy it to read about Arsenal or indeed sport in general, I buy it to read about what’s happening in the world.

            All newspapers have one over-riding aim and that is to sell themselves to, in the case of most tabloids, a gullible public.

            Most editors and particularly sports writers have their own agenda where clubs are concerned.  If they can stir up some trouble they will do so in the hope of flogging a few more copies of their own particular rag. 

            In the case of Arsenal that takes the form of slagging off Wenger at every possible opportunity, they hate the idea that a foreigner can walk into a club in England and make a success the like of which has seldom been seen.  They hate the idea that Wenger has been at the club so long.  They hate the idea that the Arsenal board constantly back their manager in the face of the futile criticism shoveled at him by the hacks.

            A headline stating “Manager not sacked” doesn’t sell papers.

            I don’t need to read comments by Steven Howard, whoever he is, I have a mind of my own which I make on what I see with my own eyes.

            I suspect that Arsene Wenger will still be around long after many of the so called sports writers and pundits have passed into well earned oblivion.

            Oh! and that paper I buy…The Daily Telegraph.

          • Berg10 | 18/01/2012 at 13:39 |

            I stopped buying newspapers about 20 years ago tho’ I do spend an hour or so oging through the online versions of the Telegraph (great read) and the Sun and a few others just to keep up with the news or errr… speculation.

            Occasionally Ilog in to the following days papers late at night as some of the next days stories are being added and last Sunday evening/Monday morning the Sun was running a story on Henry, the Telegraph went into further detail of his confrontation with a fan….several hours later so was the Sun. Tells you all you need to know really.

          • Mashman147 | 18/01/2012 at 16:24 |

            Steven Howard is a Spurs fan. He also happens to be a c&nt. Says it all really….. He is the chief sports writer and he happens to go for lazy journalism which is to attack AW at any opportunity. This is the journalism of someone just out of school. None of the other papers have an agenda against AW because they like to be respected in their job. He is a wanker and a lazy one at that.

        • He’s excited, it’s dizzy up there when you’re not used to it.

      • No mate, cant really put it into words, but in a nice way get annoyed at how some on here (not you 3 Jin and mashman) but some who want wenger hung one day and worship him the next..sadly only you 3 seem to comment so it always ends in arguments but it does make me smile..they cant even be fickle for more than 24 hours ha ha

        • The way I see it is Wenger is a media target anyway, ‘though he doesn’t help himself often with the tirades aginst refs etc but that’s his way, arrogant I suppose but at the end of the day who cares, we only care about the club and hope he figures it all out.

  2. Crazy horse has spoken | 18/01/2012 at 13:52 |

    Can’t see us beating Man U at the weekend but, even if we do , what exactly would it prove, that we can turn up for one game in five? By anyone’s standard that is mid-table form. This is a terrible team – even without the injuries (which certainly haven’t helped. Mediocre players combined with a pig headed manager who refuses to see what’s in front of him – no matter how obvious it may be – has been a recipe for disaster. I can’t see Wenger turning it around now, no matter how long he stays for. He was a great manager once. But not anymore. He and the club have been trading water for the last couple of years now. As much as it pains me to say it, I think this should be his last season.

    • bigsypissinghispants | 19/01/2012 at 10:40 |

      rather intriguing that no Arsenal fan has a view on this but they would if I said it ! oh yes you bet your life ..this is a forum right ? so discuss football fairly..good point well made !

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