Arsenal 1 – 0 Everton Match Report with Jules Wheeler

This evening, Arsenal won 1-0 against Everton at Goodison Park. Luckily, the other results also went our way with Chelsea losing to Man City and the Spuds managing a draw against the Neanderthals in the last minute of the match. Our win gave us the three points and took us to the third spot on the league table.

It wasn’t ever going to be easy at Everton because they are a good side particularly at home. However, we came out all guns blazing for that match and we totally dominated the first quarter of an hour. We could have had two goals in the first three minutes but they were somehow cleared by Everton.

In the six minute, Tomas Rosicky fed a magnificent pass to Robin van Persie, who unselfishly headed down the ball for Aaron Ramsey to score but he blasted it over the bar. A minute later, Ramsey fired another shot but it got deflected out of target.

In the eight minute, van Persie put the ball into the box and Thomas Vermaelen headed it into the back of the net and gave Arsenal a 1-0 lead. The Belgian centre-half has shown in the past few weeks that he really means business this time.

We could have had some more after that as Mikel Arteta passed to van Persie but his shot got saved and then another effort by Vermaelen’s got deflected.

After that, we played some brilliant one-touch football for a while but then Everton made some adjustments. The Toffees blocked off the right-hand side of the field and that made things a bit difficult for us and allowed them to create a few chances.

Just after the half-hour mark, Everton thought they had scored through Royston Drenthe but the linesman flagged it offside. TV replays showed that it was Nikica Jelavic who was offside and he wasn’t interfering with the play so the reality is that the goal should have stood. But fortunately for us, the referee made the wrong call there so it was a nice payback for Louis Saha’s offside goal at the Emirates last season. Just a few moments before the half-time break, Rosicky’s pinging left-footed shot was saved by Tim Howard.

Everton were the better of the two sides in the opening exchanges of the second half. They put the Gunners’ defence under pressure but out backline coped really well. The home side’s period of slight domination lasted for about 20 minutes, during which Wojciech Szczęsny made a great save from Marouane Fellaine, but then after that, the game kind of evened itself out.

Van Persie’s shot hit the post, which was followed by another Ramsey effort that was again saved by Howard. Arsenal captain then had another great chance to double our lead when he was fed by Gervinho but the Dutchman’s shot flew over the bar.

In the end, it finished 1-0 in Arsenal’s favour and yes Everton were unlucky but credit to our boys who hung in there for the full three points.

We have now won five straight league matches and it is no more than we deserve as our boys have defended for the full 90 minutes and pressed the opponents quite well. Credit goes to our players’ never-say-die attitude and the team spirit that have enabled them to produce injury-time winners and late comebacks in so many matches now.

So we’re back to third, ahead of Spuds, who have gone absolutely silent now and it’s just FANTASTIC for us!

On a separate note, I would like to wish our former player Fabrice Muamba a speedy recovery. By now everyone knows what happened to him last Saturday and we just wish him well and hope that he gets completely healthy as soon as possible.

Back to football now! We play Aston Villa on Saturday and i can’t say that it will be an easy fixture but we should win this one considering the rich vein of our form. The match will be played at the Emirates and the Villans have one loss and a draw to show from their last three away outings in the league so yes i fully expect Arsenal to take all three points in that one.

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  1. Your full of shit! The goal that Saha scored, came off one off one of your defenders, so it wasn’t off side (read the rule book bimbo). Arsenal’s defense was no better than Everton’s,it’s the officials that has made it look that way.

    • Listen fool…stop being so bitter! Have a look at the below link and u will CLEARLY see that Saha WAS offside when the initial ball was played! I think its u that needs to read the rule book before u open ur mouth and make urself look stupid! 

    • Err no,your not offside until you touch the ball, you silly mare. Arsenal fans are banging on about how good their defence was, but brush aside Evertons perfectly good goal.

      • No time to search for the video but when the official’s flag was raised did Szczesny just go through the motions and I recall a player, possibly Ramsey pulling out of a tackle before RD shot

      • Errr no…u really need to read ur rule book! When the ball was played Saha WAS in an offside position! It would have been an advantage to Everton as he did attempt to run onto it. Had he been on the other side of the pitch, he would not have been interfering with play and therefore it would probably not been offside. It would not have been offside if it was a back pass from the defender, which clearly it was not. It came off the defender as he attempted a clearance. 

        I think that u need to also realise that I DID recognise and say that Everton scored a perfectly good goal! U can continue with the name-calling as it does not bother me in the slightest. It amuses me that its the only way that u try to put me down and it reflects more upon urself than me!

      • FYI…read the 3rd paragraph down…

        A player IS offside if he is gaining an advantage by being in that position. When the ball was played, Saha clearly was as he went on to score! 


    • Thank u. Im Arsenal through and through but Im also fair. Everton did score a perfectly good goal on Wed (Drenthe) but it was incorrectly flagged offside. There is NO WAY Saha was onside. I would never argue the point or even say something that I wasn’t certain of. Admittedly, I dont know everything there is to know about footie (no-one) does, but Ive had a season ticket for 21 years so have a pretty good idea of what’s going on. 🙂


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