What are the Odds of Spending at Arsenal?

The title can be met with a sense of irony and a rowdy “Ha, that will be the day!” but here this Gooners! The casinos over at https://www.parissportifcanada.ca/ are lining up odds that could soon see Wenger’s antics under the casino microscope to win you real money bets as the Arsenal chief heads into his last season of pretentious managerial decision making.

Right now casino sports betting are covering the replacement for Wenger as permanent manager, the number of trophies to be won this season and if we are to finish higher than Liverpool or Spurs. Gone are the days we would be bracketed with Man United and Chelsea scum, our odds of winning the league are stacked at 60/1, only a fool would take this offer following the performances this season so far and we all know what happens to Arsenal when the turn of the year is just around the corner. Let us pray that the weekend result was a turning point because November is the month when we tend to let it all go and gracefully drop points like we don’t have a single care in the world.

Another Annus Horriblis is Coming!

With 2018 knocking on the door the stats make this forthcoming year odds favourite for the club to dip, in even our current form. With the Man United game around the corner, it’s going to be press paradise come the final whistle no matter the result. Man United win equals a hard-pressed spotlight over the failings of signing more players in the summer transfer window, Gunners win and it will be a hard-pressed spotlight over why they didn’t sign more players to win convincingly. Either-way Wenger is always going to be up for the chop, the guillotine comeback odds are actually more realistic than our Europa League reckoning.

Though the fanatics will have plenty to shout down the YouTube cameras over at ArsenalFanTV even if we won the League. So where do we go from here, 6th in the League, equal points with newly promoted side Burnley who have the gravel-voiced gingerbread man Sean Dyche managing the team.

Off the field, there are now circulating reports that Ozil will be off to FC Barcelona come January, and with the rival star of Real Madrid, Gareth Bale ditching Spain for north London because his manbun has now become an in-thing with the hipsters of the capital. But what are the odds? The season is already dead in the league and floating up the Thames like the dead bloated dolphin found last week. Our kids are going to football lessons in Europe and with Arsene’s contract due to expire after near 23 years we could see a familiar face in Van Bronkhorst taking over the reigns as he hopes to get the same silver fox look of Wenger after years of disappointment, what are the odds Gooners? All we do know is that we beat Spurs at the weekend thanks to goals from Mustafi and Alexis.