Arteta has finally achieved what he promised in his first-ever Arsenal press conference
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Arteta has finally achieved what he promised in his first-ever Arsenal press conference

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It has been two years, two months and 16 days since Arsenal appointed Mikel Arteta as the club’s new head coach. Just a few months later, the Spaniard was promoted to become our manager and he has had to go through a lot since.

Arteta won the FA Cup in his first few months in charge of the Gunners. Our Premier League form, however, has been woeful, with two eighth-place finishes over the last two campaigns.

This season, things have been very different. Looking back at what Arteta promised in his very first press conference as Arsenal boss, it looks like he has achieved a few of the first things he wanted to do at the Emirates.


Arteta has finally achieved what he promised in his first-ever Arsenal press conference

Back in December 2019, Arteta stressed the importance of changing Arsenal’s culture. He made it clear that the troublemakers will be shown the door and promised that he will try to engage with the fans better.

He said, as per “The first thing is a little bit to change the energy. Last week I was here with Manchester City and I was a little bit down after the game when I felt what was going on.

“So we have to try to engage everybody, I have to try and convince the players about what I want to do, how I want to do it, they have to start accepting a different process, a different way of thinking, and I want to get all the staff and everybody at the club with the same mindset. We have to build a culture that has to sustain the rest.

“If you don’t have the right culture, in the difficult moments, the tree is going to shake, so my job is to convince everybody that this is how we are going to live, and if you are going to be part of this organisation it has to be in these terms and in this way. And after that, we can talk about other things.

“Finally we need the fans. We need to engage them, we need to be able to transmit with our behaviours, our intentions, what we want to bring to this football club. I think that’s the only way, where we give them a little bit, they give us a little bit, and suddenly we feel that connection, because when we plug these two things together, it is so powerful.”

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Mission accomplished?

Arteta’s vision is coming to fruition now.

The energy has completely changed at Arsenal and the culture within the club is now different as well. All the players who were proving to be detrimental to what Arteta was trying to build have been pushed out of the club and the positivity it has created is overly evident.

Finally, the connection with the fans is stronger than it has ever been since our move from Highbury. We’re slowly but surely turning the Emirates into a fortress and the support the players are receiving every time they step onto the pitch has been absolutely incredible over the last few months.

Arteta’s plans to change the culture of the club has well and truly been accomplished. Now, it’s time to get the club back to where we belong – the very top!

Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images