Gary Neville’s war of words with Arsenal fans continues on Twitter, and the Manchester United legend may have reached a new low now.

The Sky Sports pundit has always been some sort of a villain to Arsenal supporters. Right from his days as a player when he kicked the late great Jose Antonio Reyes all over the park to his time now as an analyst, he has always had something against the Gunners for reasons only he knows.

Now, he has taken his agenda to a whole new level.

Gary Neville Arsenal fans
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Gary Neville reaches a new low with Google search about Arsenal fans

Gary Neville‘s comments about Arsenal since the start of last season have been annoying, to say the least. He has had a go at us at every opportunity.

Yes, he got his prediction about the Gunners not finishing inside the top four last season right, but the fact that he just does not want to give Mikel Arteta and his side any genuine credit for what we’re doing this term is just sad to see.

To make things worse, when Arsenal fans give it back to him after he’s proven wrong, he just can’t take it, can he?

One such instance happened this week, when he claimed every supporter was calling for Arteta’s head this time last year. When a fan pointed out that he was wrong, he decided to use the help of Google’s search results to make his point.

What Neville failed to notice was two of the results that popped up in his screengrab were from August 2021, when Arsenal were going through a tough time.

Yes, some fans did want Arteta gone, but the support the Spaniard has received for most parts of the last two years has been sensational, and what a small-yet-loud minority of our fan base used to say over 18 months ago is irrelevant now.

Arsenal are the best team in the Premier League and Arteta is the best manager in the country – we don’t need a Google search to back this up, just look at the table.

Just accept that you were wrong, Gary.

Gooners hit back at Neville

The unity among Arsenal fans this season has been nothing short of incredible, and no Google search or any other attempt from Neville is going to break that togetherness.

Gooners have hit back at Neville’s tweet, and the Manchester United legend, unsurprisingly, has gone quiet.

Here’s what a few Arsenal fans said on Twitter…

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