Arsenal All or Nothing: What Mikel Arteta shouted at his players
Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Arsenal All or Nothing: What Mikel Arteta shouted at his players

Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Amazon released the official full trailer of All or Nothing: Arsenal today, and we see an infuriated Mikel Arteta shouting at his players in two different scenes.

The first four episodes of the docuseries are scheduled to come out on August 4th. Three more will drop on the 11th and the final two will be out exactly a week later on the 18th – all on Amazon Prime Video.

The full trailer gives us an insight into a number of things. From Arteta’s three non-negotiables to the way he motivates the lads, it’s all there. But, the one thing that caught many people’s eye is our boss losing his cool in the dressing room on two separate occasions.


Arsenal All or Nothing: What Mikel Arteta shouted at his players

Last season saw lots of ups and downs. From the disappointment of losing our first three games of the season to the joy of seeing our young players step up on numerous occasions, we saw it all.

Arteta, like all of us, went through a lot. The trailer shows the Arsenal boss going through all emotions – happiness, sadness and unsurprisingly, anger.

In one of the scenes, Arteta is seen screaming at his players. “When I lose a duel, I’m upset,” he yells.

In another scene, the Spaniard shouts: “If you lose the ball, you run!”

Arteta’s non-negotiables

All of us found out in Arteta’s very first press conference that certain non-negotiables are put in place, and they need to be followed by everyone at the club no matter what.

In All or Nothing: Arsenal, the Spaniard explains them.

“I’ve been raised in a way that certain values are non-negotiable. One is respect, one is commitment, and the other is passion,” he’s seen saying in the trailer.

Whatever your opinion is of Arteta, you cannot argue with the above. Arsenal are a better team now because of those non-negotiables, and we can’t wait to see how we’ll fare this season.

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