Hey Big Bendtner Score A Little Goal For Me!

SUPER, SUPER NICK, SUPER, SUPER NICK, SUPER, SUPER NICK, SUPER NICKLAS BENDTNER … Oh yeah what horrible misses, but more importantly, what a great reaction from the crowd to keep the head of the young Dane high, showing how, for the remainder of this season everybody will need to pull together if Arsenal are to win the league.There is no time for passengers ready to hop off of our diesel-powered Arsenal band-wagon, only those travelling for the whole duration with a one way pass; season ticket holder, armchair viewer, oversees Gooner, or otherwise. Bendtner will never make the kind of runs off the ball that Robin Van Persie will, but you can bet he will be there for all things centred. The panto-style repartee with the home fans was good to see when he was finally substituted off.
It would seem there is a little Bendtner is all of us anyway. After holding my head in my hands on numerous occasions yesterday, it was my own team-mates who were doing the same today when I spooned a half-volley shot over the bar from six yards out on the bobbly fields at Barking Park. Our tangerine kit is ugly enough, save my dismal efforts, but for a second I sympathised with Bendtner and like Arsenal we went on to win the game which was the foremost priority.
Obviously Arsenal strolled through the tie with Burnley, picking passes at will and setting up endless opportunities which would not be converted. There was a scare when David Nugent equalised and Manuel Almunia didn’t get enough of a fist on a corner. Still, overall it was positive to reflect on an Arsenal three-pointer with all-inclusive Rambo banners and crowd support.
When Andrey Arshavin sealed victory the guy behind me lost his specs in fits of jubilation. He almost had the whole upper-tier block in deep exploration for them only to find out they were under his seat the whole time. Nonetheless, his gag that he was trying to throw them to Bendtner left a light-hearted feel to the afternoon and summed up the notion that there will only be support for the lads up until the last whistle of this campaign.
Even Walcott had bite to his game, squaring up with Daniel Fox after a fairly innocuous tackle. The match had been low-key until then, so Walcott must have felt there was a personal vendetta to make an impression on him when Fox slid through and won the ball. His reaction after though was super-charged and uncharacteristic of his often genteel and well-spoken persona, full of beans and bolstering the claim that Arsenal will not be nudged out of this title chase that easily.
Chris Waffle said Walcott doesn’t “understand the game”, doesn’t have a “football brain” and claimed his hat-trick against Croatia was “off the cuff.” Now he will say it was all a ploy as a patriot to motivate the young road-runner for the World Cup. In 62 appearance for England, Waffle scored six goals, a total which Theo is half-way to beating after just nine. He is 20 and has a long way to go before fully understanding his role, but to suggest his hasn’t any knowledge at all laughably places Waffle in his own plague-ridden pit of ignorance.
Walcott was definitely the day’s best performer. Everything that went through him had an air of anticipation to it, and even his goal reminded me of Thierry Henry at the peak of his Arsenal career. There were small changes which maximised his play, like hugging the touchline and stretching things. Walcott’s pace is the biggest threat in his armoury so it worked better when he made runs off the ball and behind defenders. I’m not sure what his wrist-watch celebration was all about, although I presume it had something to do with time being up on Waffle’s radio career.
Time though, just about is on Arsenal’s side with a maximum of 27 points still there for taking. Hopefully Cesc Fabregas will brush off his slight injury and carry on with the same vehemence for the rest of the season, Eduardo made a return and William Gallas isn’t far behind, and overall the team looked in a healthy shape yesterday all things considered.
Judging by the atmosphere in The Gooner afterwards, Arsenal are really onto something, as the sea of red and white jammed heavily to Arsenal Away Boyz, the pubs houseband. It was time for sipping on a few jars and showing support for the lads in red. There isn’t really much more to say, but how about a sing-song? All together now, to the tune of Big Spender …
As he walked on the pitch,
I could tell he was a man of distinction, a real big Gooner,
Good looking, so refined,
He wouldn’t talk to Ade so he’s one of a kind

So let me get right to the point,
I don’t sing a song for every player I see,
Score a little goal for me ….

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