Jules Wheeler Reviews Arsenal’s Dispatch of West Bromwich Albion

Hi, I’m Jules…..Yaaaay! We won today 3-2 at the Hawthorns, which means that we are in the Champions League, third spot secured, C’mon Gunners!

And Happy Saint Totteringham’s Day to all the Gunners out there! What an end to the season. Absolutely fantastic!

Well the first thing I want to say is a little apology because I haven’t been able to do the last few videos. I’ve been so hectically busy and then away on holidays.

But anyway, we’re in third place, I’m so happy with that this year. After the season we’ve had with the injuries, the crisis, the nonsense protest and all the rest of it, it is an achievement, in fact, a great achievement, especially considering where we were a few months ago.

We had that fantastic run after we beat the Spurs 5-2 at the Emirates. Obviously, it is not acceptable for a club like Arsenal and in the coming season I hope that we do improve. So it will be our 15th consecutive season in the Champions League so that’s credit to Arsene Wenger and the club.

Anyway, in the game today there were a few changes as obviously Bacary Sagna was unavailable due to his leg break last week so Carl Jenkinson replaced him. Francis Coquelin replaced Aaron Ramsey, who got benched, and Andre Santos was called in for Kieran Gibbs.

What a start it was for Arsenal, as after only four minutes Márton Fülöp made an error and Yossi Benayoun capitalised on it to give the Gunners the lead. As against Norwich last week, it was a fantastic start but we lost focus and conceded the equaliser in the 11th minute. To be fair, it was a clearly offside goal by Shane Long.

Four minutes later, Laurent Koscielny made a mistake and this time Graham Dorrans took full advantage of that and put West Brom up 2-1. But it certainly served as a wake-up call for Arsenal, as they dominated the rest of the first half.

In the 26th minute, Robin van Persie had a free kick on the edge of the box but unfortunately he hit it right into the wall and then four minutes later, Alex Song fed Santos, who loves to run at opposing defences. The Brazilian left-back shifted the ball from his right foot to the left one and shot it. The ball nicked the inside of the post and went in. The Gunners were back on level terms.

And then just on half-time, West Brom appealed for a ridiculous penalty. They wanted a handball against Coquelin, whose arms were firmly behind his back. When the shot was taken, he was just two metres away and so he obviously turned a bit to avoid getting hit in the face but it was totally unintentional and not a penalty by any means. A minute later in the injury time, Gervinho spurned a great chance to double Arsenal’s lead. His shot ended up hitting the side netting.

Theo Walcott came in for Thomas Rosicky in the second half. In the 53rd minute, Jenkinson’s error allowed Fortune to shoot at Arsenal goal but Szczesny saved. Two minutes later, Arsenal had a corner. Calamity keeper Fülöp rushed out to push the ball away but ended up punching it towards the goal. Koscielny was lurking around the box and he capitalised on the error to put the Gunners in front once again. From there on, WBA put Arsenal under a fair bit of pressure and threatened to equalise on several occasions.

Andrews drew a fantastic save from Szczesny in the 71st minute, after which Wenger replaced Santos with Ramsey. WBA then had a free kick outside the box but Szczesny claimed that too.

In the first minute of injury time, van Persie’s shot sailed over the crossbar. Then Billy Jones had the chance of spoiling it all for the Gunners, as in the 93rd minute of the game, he broke free in the box but Gibbs’ perfectly timed tackle ended that move and saved us.

We did it! 3-2 to the Gunners! What an end to the season.

But anyway, Happy Saint Totteringham’s Day to all the Gooners out there and I have to say that our worst start for fifteen years and their best in fifty so it just shows the difference in class.

I do have a little song. It goes something like that:

Tell all the Spuds you know

Last year we had three games to go

And the year before that

We did it at the last match

You’ll never finish above the Arsenal

Anyway, quick ‘Thank Yous’ for the cap and the badge, a Big Thank You to Pat Rice for all these years of service he has given to Arsenal. Welcome to Bouldy. He has been with the club for a long time so it’s a promotion for him. I’m sure everyone will get behind him as well.

Also thank you to Arsene Wenger and the team and all the fans, especially away fans for all the hard work. And one last thanks to everyone who has been watching these videos all year. Some people liked me some people didn’t but that’s fine with me. Not everyone’s gonna like me I accept that and i don’t have a problem with that. Thank You all!

I’ve got a couple of things going on over the summer so obviously I’ll post them on my YouTube channel or Twitter but they’re not gonna be every week like these have been.

Glad the season is over to be honest with you. I don’t think my health or my heart could take another week of this. I’m saying this now, but I’ll probably be bored in a month. There will be the Euros and all, but I love my club and it comes first and foremost before anything. Anyway, i will see you next season and have a lovely summer.

And one last thing:


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  1. condasending baggie | 16/05/2012 at 16:17 |

    what a truly gogeous but misguided little girl you are, your gooner tinted spectacles are on fire.
    If we hadnt put out the waterboy in goal we would have beaten you, and we only played a second string team.

    • I think you need spectacles too if you think she’s gorgeous, rough as…. and spouts complete Arse**le crap !

    • Erm…I think that you are the one who is severely misguided if u think that if u didnt have Fulop in goal that u would have won comfortably. We also had key players missing but that what a squad is for. Ur 1st goal was also 1-2yds offside or have u forgotten? Do u remember at the Ems earlier this season when u were beaten 3-0?? U had ur 1st team keeper in there. I wonder what the excuse that day was!  I had a Baggie mate that came with me. U were well and truly beaten. 

  2. put your spellcheck on next time, you yam-yam. And, yes, I know yam-yams are from Wolverhampton. Get on with your homework, you must have GCSEs to revise for, surely?

  3. Truly atrocious review. In fact, I’m yet to see an Arsenal fan review the game as it was. We were bar far the better team on the day and if it wasn’t for our calamity second string keeper we would have won comfortably. I can’t actually remember Arsenal creating more than one chance (you can’t call any of your goals created chances).

    Anyway, well done on finishing 3rd. Both of our final league positions are a fairly damning indictment on the standard of the Premiership these days…

  4. The Bhatti Brothers | 17/05/2012 at 09:55 |

    Nice report.
    It was written by a 12 year old relative, wasn’t it?
    Good of you to upload it for them.
    How does the ditty go?
    “Another year, and you’ve won f*** all”
    I see your (oh so loyal) captain is just about to snub Arsenal  and join a winning team.
    No wonder he spent so much time on the Hawthorns pitch saying ‘Goodbye’.

  5. Please check video replay of Long’s goal. At the game it may have seemed to many he was way offside, but replay showed the linesman was well placed, he was level, or at least you could not see daylight. It wasn’t the defender near him, but the right back who was playing him on (well maybe, it was 50/50 at least). Arsenal have scored plenty in a more offside position than that this season alone!
    I hear that Marlon Gooner Fulop has been given the freedom of Islington, but in Tottenham he is a hate figure. He played his one ever premiership match and is now set to leave the UK, not hard to see why…

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