New Arsenal signing Kai Havertz is already facing unfair criticism in the early stages of his Arsenal career much like Mesut Ozil did.

Plenty of pundits are still questioning what Havertz adds to Arsenal’s squad despite the German contributing well in both of Arsenal’s league wins.

Arsenal v Sevilla FC - Emirates Cup
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Havertz played the full game against Nottingham Forest and Crystal Palace and it’s clear that Mikel Arteta will put huge faith in his £65m man.

Why Pele Is Overrated.

Havertz’s transfer has polarised fans from the off.

Whilst some perceive his signing as a coup for a player of his age and potential, some think it’s something of a vanity purchase.

Despite his strong running numbers Kai Havertz is already perceived as a luxury player in Arsenal’s squad.

Remind you of anyone?

Mesut Ozil divided Arsenal fans more than anyone in recent memory.

Whilst some thought he was brilliant and one of the most talented players in the whole Arsene Wenger era, some thought he was a waste of time.

As a German international Havertz would probably be flattered by comparisons to Ozil, but those comparisons aren’t always a compliment from an Arsenal fan perspective.

Kai Havertz is already being unfairly treated at Arsenal much like Mesut Ozil

Of course, Havertz is unlikely to be listening to too much that pundits are saying right now.

He’s settling well at his new club and looks to quickly have the support of those around him.

Crystal Palace v Arsenal FC - Premier League
Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

And it seems that much of the critique towards Havertz comes from a misunderstanding of his role at Arsenal.

It doesn’t seem that Havertz is in the side as a prolific goal-scorer, nor is he there to be a playmaker.

Havertz is a player that will float in and out of games and provide decisive moments.

The term ‘big game player’ can also be attributed to the 24-year-old who has of course already helped win a Champions League final in his career.

It’s understandable that Havertz is being misprofiled – there are not many players afforded his role at top sides.

But the signing of world-class players like Declan Rice means that Arsenal can afford to have Havertz on the periphery of things at times.

Arsenal fans need to stay patient with Havertz and enjoy his progress, there’s no need for him to be as polarising as Ozil.

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