Former Arsenal midfielder Mathieu Flamini was asked if he would be interested in buying Arsenal one day, and the Frenchman’s response is an interesting one.

Unlike many former players who go into coaching or punditry after they hang up their boots, Flamini decided to help make the world a better place.

The 39-year-old is currently the CEO of GF Biochemicals, an organisation he wants to ‘end chemical pollution’ with in the coming years.

Arsenal Mathieu Flamini
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Mathieu Flamini does not rule out buying Arsenal one day

Flamini is often a popular man on social media because of how valuable his company, GF Biochemicals, is.

Back in 2020, Forbes (via Express) valued Flamini’s stake in the company at an eye-watering £10 billion. That has led to people constantly asking him to buy Arsenal every time they have an issue with our current owner, Stan Kroenke.

KSE have absolutely no interest in selling Arsenal – we found that out when Spotify boss Daniel Ek tried his luck to purchase the club about two years ago.

Flamini, nevertheless, was asked if he would like to buy Arsenal one day. Surprisingly, the Frenchman did not rule out the possibility of it happening in the future.

He told The Athletic: “I never forget where I come from. In life, you never know but it’s all about the right opportunity. I’m a real believer in the right time, right place, right people.

“We’ll see what the future is made of. I’m a believer. If you want something very much, the universe usually brings it to you. Let’s see what the universe will bring.”

Arsenal Mathieu Flamini
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The Insider’s View:

Well, we don’t expect this to happen, not any time soon at least.

KSE are fully committed to Arsenal and despite criticism for years, they have done an excellent job with our club recently. They are in this for the long run and there’s no way they will accept a proposal from Flamini or anyone else.

The Frenchman’s company is worth a lot of money, and even though his net worth is estimated to be in the billions, he admitted in the interview that he doesn’t have anything close to that figure in his bank account.

Maybe he’ll get there one day and maybe he will try and buy Arsenal. Until then, it’s just fun and games for us fans on social media.

Arsenal Mathieu Flamini
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