Bukayo Saka starred as Arsenal beat West Ham 3-1 last night, but the biggest talking point was Arsene Wenger‘s return to the Emirates for the first time since he left the club.

The legendary Frenchman is the biggest reason why we have our stadium today. He made Arsenal a global brand during his 22 years at the club and seeing him come back home put a smile on all our faces.

Wenger has now fulfilled his promise to Saka.

Arsene Wenger Bukayo Saka
Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Arsene Wenger fulfils his promise to Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka

At the start of this month, when Saka was with the England squad in Qatar, the young Englishman revealed that he had never had the opportunity to meet Wenger.

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He described it as ‘one of his biggest regrets’.

“One of my biggest regrets was that I haven’t met Arsene Wenger. I know how much my dad loves him, how much everyone at the club loves him. I know what he has done for the club, of course,” he said, as quoted by The Evening Standard

Wenger was asked about Saka’s comments and the Frenchman promised that he will meet him one day.

“That’s very nice of him. We’ll end up meeting each other one day, of course. I’m happy about his development and the fact he’s still playing at Arsenal,” Wenger said, as quoted by The Metro.

That day finally arrived last night, and the two Arsenal fan-favourites were pictured embracing each other at the Emirates.

The Insider’s View:

After Wenger left the Emirates in May 2018, the Frenchman decided to stay away from Arsenal. It had been four-and-a-half years, and that was a huge shame.

Mikel Arteta publicly and privately invited him back to the club on numerous occasions. He was adamant that Wenger’s presence at Arsenal would benefit us, and we can’t agree more.

Wenger finally returned to Arsenal last night and he was treated to some delightful football, especially in the second half. It looked like he thoroughly enjoyed it as well, and the fact that he took the time to meet the players after the game is absolutely amazing for them.

Hopefully, he’ll be around more often.

Arsene Wenger Bukayo Saka
Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

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