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Report: How Mikel Arteta and Arsenal players reacted to European Super League announcement

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The football world has gone into a frenzy after Arsenal and 11 other clubs from across Europe announced that they have joined the European Super League.

The Gunners, along with the rest of England’s traditional top-six and the big three from Italy and Spain, are named as the founding members of the new competition that will replace the Champions League if everything goes to plan.

The new league will help clubs earn over three times the money that UEFA are currently handing out for featuring in the Champions League. That has made it an easy decision for owners of clubs, who would never say no to more money – even if it was at the expense of football and the fans.

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All the clubs have received a ton of backlash from fans, pundits and the media since the announcement last night. A few players have also come out and shared their thoughts about the European Super League, and not one of them has anything positive to say.

Nobody from Arsenal has come out and said a word about the new competition after the announcement. However, Football London have given an insight into how the players and Mikel Arteta are feeling about it behind the scenes.

The report claims that neither the manager nor the stars were informed about the announcement. They heard about it online just like all of us, and that has reportedly left Arteta and everyone else at the club really frustrated.

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Bad news for Kroenke and co?

A frustrated group of players is never good for the board, especially after a move as controversial as this.

Arteta will surely be quizzed about the European Super League in his next press conference, and so will the players in whatever interviews they are asked to do by the club or their own representatives.

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If the players and the manager decide to openly express their frustration about the announcement, it will look really bad on the club and the competition that we are set to feature in if everything goes through.

Kroenke will not be a happy man if Arteta and the players come out and claim they are against the Super League. However, he cannot expect them to lie through their teeth every week either, just like how some feel the Arsenal owner has been doing to the fans for years now.

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