TalkSPORT presenter and Arsenal fan Laura Woods has fired back at Noel Gallagher after he branded Gooners as ‘idiots’ recently.

The former Oasis star, who is a lifelong Manchester City fan, or so he says, was over the moon after his club pipped the Gunners for the Premier League title last week.

He then took it a bit too far by calling Arsenal fans ‘idiots,’ and Woods was not happy with his comments.

Laura Woods Noel Gallagher
Photo by Robbie Jay Barratt – AMA/Getty Images

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Laura Woods blasts Noel Gallagher after he called Arsenal fans ‘idiots’

Arsenal were on top of the Premier League table for 248 days, and at many points in the season, especially since the turn of the year, we looked like the favourites to win the title.

However, after a season-ending injury to William Saliba, our form dipped, and we managed to win just two of our last eight games in the Premier League. Manchester City took advantage of our struggles and won their fifth title in six years last week.

Speaking after City’s coronation, Gallagher said on talkSPORT: “I love it with that lot because the fans are idiots! They are! They’ve got more fan channels than any club in world sport. There’s about 1,000 of them, you can’t look at YouTube without seeing some fan channel.

“I know quite a few [Arsenal fans] and they were giving it the big ‘un in January/February and they know they were. And I watch enough of their fan channels because it is highly amusing and they know they were, they come out with this, ‘it’s good against evil and all the money’ and all that. It’s just like, suck it up.”

Laura Woods hit back at him perfectly.

She said: “You can call all football fans idiots, can’t you? They’re just passionate, aren’t they? Noel, the reason they’ve got more fan channels is because we’ve got more fans, sorry! Mikel Arteta doesn’t need to tell his fans to liven up a little bit to get them going, I’m just saying, Noel. As much as I love you…

“He can say what he wants. They’ve absolutely done us this season and so he’s completely right in some senses but, not the fans. We’re all idiots. Everyone’s an idiot!”

“Noel, if you’re calling our guys idiots we’ll have to play you ‘miserable Mark’ who said ‘I was not even that impressed, it was a bit of an anti-climax to win it how we did, I was a bit bored by it’, come on!

“I’d rather have our fans than a fan like that.”

Laura Woods Noel Gallagher
Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

The Insider’s View:

Woods is absolutely spot on.

Yes, Manchester City won the Premier League title, yes they deserved to do it, and yes, they were better than us. But, to call Arsenal fans idiots when the champions can’t even fill their stadium is just a bit embarrassing, isn’t it?

City are the best team in the world right now and they will continue to win many trophies. But, the one thing they’ll never have is the history and class of Arsenal.

That is never going to change, no matter how hard Gallagher or anyone else tries to spin it.

Laura Woods Noel Gallagher
Photo by Robbie Jay Barratt – AMA/Getty Images