Patrick Vieira almost joined Tottenham
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Former Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp shared a story about how Patrick Vieira almost joined Spurs, years after leaving Arsenal.

The legendary Frenchman spent nine years in the red half of North London, won three Premier League titles, four FA Cups and three Community Shields. He’s loved by Arsenal fans even to this day, but things could’ve been very different.

The story of how Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira almost joined Tottenham

On transfer deadline day earlier this week, Redknapp shocked us all by claiming that he almost signed Vieira for Tottenham once.


The former Spurs boss even went on to say that the French World Cup winner, now at the helm at Crystal Palace, was willing to join Tottenham – even though he had played for us for almost a decade.

Redknapp said on BBC, as quoted by The Daily Star: “I nearly signed Patrick Vieira for Tottenham.

“He would have been at Manchester City or Juventus, I can’t remember. But I met him at his house. He was a great guy, a really impressive man and what a player he was. He was [keen]. He was quite fearless, really.

“Somebody at Tottenham said ‘oh we can’t bring him here, the crowd won’t like it’. I said ‘listen, if he comes here and plays like we know he can, what courage he has got. He was a true legend at Arsenal and he’s willing to come and play here at Tottenham, it shows you what he is made of.

“That would have been an incredible signing.”

Patrick Vieira almost joined Tottenham
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The Insider’s View:

Thank God that didn’t happen!

Vieira is an absolute legend at Arsenal and a hero to many of us growing up. Even the thought of the Frenchman wearing a Spurs shirt makes us want to throw up.

The World Cup winner did return to English football at the end of his career. He spent 18 months at Manchester City before hanging up his boots – even that was a bit weird, wasn’t it?

Tottenham fans sure would’ve loved an Arsenal legend like Vieira at Spurs, but we’re so glad that move came to nothing.

Vieira is a Gooner and will forever be one.

Patrick Vieira almost joined Tottenham
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