Arteta speech to Arsenal players
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The Arsenal edition of Amazon: All Or Nothing is only a week away and an incredibly emotional speech by Mikel Arteta to his players after our three consecutive defeats last season has been released.

The Gunners were at rock bottom after our first three games of the 2021/22 campaign. We had lost every one of those games, scored none and conceded nine – a shocking record for any side.

Arteta had to turn our season around and the latest clip released by Amazon shows our manager’s fantastic team talk before the game against Norwich City at the Emirates last September.


Amazon release Arteta’s incredibly emotional speech to Arsenal players

“In many industries, there are high-performance teams,” Arteta says as he writes on the whiteboard in the dressing room. “These high-performance teams are called like this because they all have one thing in common – they get results.”

The Arsenal boss then explains his extremely difficult childhood. He reveals that he was born with a serious heart disease, and doctors worked for two years to help him recover. He says he underwent the first open-heart surgery in Spain, and his life was saved thanks to the high-performance team in the hospital.

“These teams have to be surrounded by people who are really special. They are willing to work 24/7. They do it only for one reason – because they love what they do, nothing else, that’s the drive, that’s the purpose,” he says.

Arteta then describes his emotional state after Arsenal’s three consecutive defeats last year. “Dead, I was here,” he says before saying how he has afraid and insecure.

Arteta speech to Arsenal players
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He then claims that he found a lot of positives – his family, the club and of course, the players.

The Spaniard then thanks everyone for staying with him. “This week, I have found the purpose why I want to become the coach, why I have to be with these people. Thank you so much, to all of you, because you made, in a difficult moment, the best week of my football career.”

Arteta then ends his team talk with a fantastic message to the players before they walked out.

“Believe in yourself, I do, you’re really good. The last thing I want to do as a coach is blame any of you in difficult moments.

“(It’s) my responsibility, I take the s**t, lets’ go!”

The Insider’s View

We all knew we’d see a different side of Arteta in this Amazon documentary. We saw an angry version of the Gunners boss in the trailer of All or Nothing: Arsenal not too long ago, and now, we see a completely different side.

Something had to change for Arsenal after our disastrous start to the season. Arteta just had to send a message, and based what we’ve just seen in that clip above, he couldn’t have delivered a better speech before the lads stepped onto the pitch.

Arsenal picked up a win against Norwich and then went on an amazing run. We lost just four times in the next 17 games – two of those came against Liverpool and Manchester City.

Arteta’s incredibly emotional team talk clearly seems to have inspired what Arsenal managed to do in that run last season, and he deserves immense credit for that. We can’t wait to see more of him when the documentary drops next week.

The first few episodes of All or Nothing: Arsenal will release on August 4th on Amazon Prime Video.

Arteta speech to Arsenal players
Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

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