Arsenal now have a team ready to compete at the top of the table, and whilst there are many young and hungry stars in the squad, defender Rob Holding has named the player who perhaps is the most committed of them all.

The centre-back has revealed that one of his teammates has the best mentality of anyone when it comes to fitness, pointing out that this player has made himself available through matches whilst carrying injuries, such is his dedication to the team.

Speaking on TEA WITH TIMBSY, Holding named fellow defender Ben White as the most robust player in the Arsenal squad, and revealed that the 25-year-old once played in an important match despite carrying a bad hamstring injury.

“You know who’s the best for that, in terms of having real discomfort and injuries and just cracking on? Ben White. I don’t know how he does it,” he stated.

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“I remember when we played Newcastle away in the Amazon year (2021-22), he would have had a grade two, grade three injury, like his hamstring was shot to hell, and he went out there and played, because he’s just like this mentality monster.

“I don’t know he does it, it’s mental, he would just like have so much pain, then he will just trigger into game mode and play. He’s die-hard, he’d run through a brick wall for you.”

Ben White likes football

Some fans have highlighted previous comments from White, where he revealed that he does not enjoy watching football beyond his professional duties, as an indicator that he is not fully committed to the team, but this is clearly a myth.

Arsenal Pre-Season Training Session
Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

White has had an almost flawless injury record throughout his career, and he came into that game at Newcastle having missed the previous match with a severe hamstring strain. This was the game where a place in the top four was on the line for Arsenal, and he was determined not to miss it.

The defender is perhaps one of the most underrated and consistent players in the team, and it is clear that his exceptional professionalism has helped play a part in his incredible fitness record, and the speed in which he easily transitioned from a centre-back to a full-back last season.

He is a dream for a manager like Mikel Arteta, and Holding’s comments have made it clear just how valuable a player like White is to any squad.

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